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Anti-Brexit Protesters Burn British Union Jack Flag Outside Parliament

'Remain' activists set fire to flag to protest Boris Johnson's leadership

 on 2nd September 2019 @ 12.00pm
the two protesters set fire to the souvenir union jack flag outside the houses of parliament © press
The two protesters set fire to the souvenir Union Jack flag outside the Houses of Parliament

During anti-Brexit protests in London on Sunday, two "Remain" protesters were filmed burning the British Union Jack flag outside the Houses of Parliament.

The horrific moment of disrespect occurred during the Momentum-backed protest against Boris Johnson and in support of Britain's socialist opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn.

The two "twisted and warped" anti-Brexit protesters stood in the heart of Westminster, where they set fire to a souvenir British flag in front of horrified witnesses.

A witness of the incident, 22-year-old Timur Coskun, says he was walking in Parliament Square with a friend when he spotted the pair igniting the Union Flag with a lighter.


the two protesters burned the british flag in protest of brexit © press
The two protesters burned the British flag in protest of Brexit

The Cambridge student, who filmed the video, told the Daily Mail: "There was a bit of a commotion on one side of the square and we saw a few people from the Remain campaign with a souvenir flag.

"When we saw they were trying to light it, we couldn't believe it. 

"It's the most provocative thing you could do and in the most provocative place."

He added: "It was about 7.30 and the protest was drawing to a close, but these two were 100 percent pro-EU people.

"They were part of a group who had some EU flags."

Mr. Coskun said that the two unidentified demonstrators burned the flag in full view of police officers and members of the public.

protesters descended on london with confused messages for the anti brexit boris johnson for the  stopthecoup rally outside downing street © press
Protesters descended on London with confused messages for the anti-Brexit/Boris Johnson for the #StopTheCoup rally outside Downing Street

To the backdrop of a statue depicting former Prime Minister David Lloyd George - who led Britain through the First World War - his video shows the male and female protesters desecrating the flag.

Conservative MP Andrew Rosindell said: "The levels of depravity to which this small, but vocal group of anti-Brexit campaigners, continues to sink lower. 

"As Brexit gets closer, their behavior is becoming increasingly hostile.

"To burn one's flag is an incredibly warped and twisted thing to do."

Yesterday's #StopTheCoup rally outside Downing Street saw hundreds of protesters vent fury at the Prime Minister's decision to prorogue Parliament - a move seen as stripping MPs of the time needed to stop a No Deal Brexit.

The demonstration was endorsed by Jeremy Corbyn and attended by one of his most trusted allies, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott.

Along with John McDonnell, she whipped the masses into a frenzy - at one point the crowd yelled "shame on you" outside the gates of Number 10.

Unlike in many countries such as China, Argentina, and Finland, flag desecration is legal in the UK.

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