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New Image Appears to Show Jeffrey Epstein Inside Bill Clinton's White House

Newly emerged video footage from 2005 reveals photo on Epstein's Florida mansion wall

 on 31st August 2019 @ 2.00pm
newly emerged video footage has revealed an image that appears to show epstein inside the white house © press
Newly emerged video footage has revealed an image that appears to show Epstein inside the White House

Newly reemerged video footage from inside Jeffrey Epstein's Florida mansion appears to have revealed a photo hung on the wall, seemingly showing the convicted sex offender inside the White House.

The footage was filmed during a 2005 police raid of deceased pedophile Epstein's Palm Beach estate and shows massage tables where officials said the pedophile engaged in sex acts with minors. 

In the video, obtained by Fox News, at least two massage tables can be seen, one on each floor of the home, along with two more tables in the pool house.

During the video tour of the property, many photographs and images can bee seen on shelves and hung on the walls.

A large number of the images appear to show young women, with many being indecent and with some appearing to include minors.

Among Epstein's photographs of himself with celebrities and political figures, including one him with former Cuban communist leader Fidel Castro, there's a photo on the wall that appears to show Epstein and his girlfriend/alleged "pimp" Ghislaine Maxwell stood behind the podium in the White House press briefing room.

While the image in the grainy footage is very blurry, it is difficult to confirm whether it actually shows Epstein and Maxwell at all.

Although, the property appears to be filled with images of Epstein that show off his powerful connections, and the walls are also covered with photographs of Maxwell, making it extremely likely such a photo of them would be on display.

And while the footage was filmed in 2005, it could be argued that the photo was taken after 20 January 2001; during George W. Bush's presidency.

However, Epstein's relationship with former President Bill Clinton has been at the center of rising speculation and has been well documented, making it more likely it was taken during Clinton's presidency.

It could also be argued that the photo is fake, it wasn't taken in the White House, or that it isn't Epstein or Maxwell in the photo at all as it is almost impossible to authenticate.

the image appears to show jeffrey epstein and ghislaine maxwell in the white house press briefing room © press
The image appears to show Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell in the White House press briefing room

According to the affidavit and application for a search warrant, in March 2005 a 14-year-old girl told a detective that a woman who worked for Epstein brought her to his Palm Beach home in February and told her to come upstairs. 

According to the Daily Mail, it does not state if the woman who worked for Epstein was his alleged Madam and former girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell. 

"The victim recalled there was a large picture of a naked woman in the room" according to an affidavit seen by Fox. 

"There were also numerous photographs of naked women on a shelf."

"According to the victim, the woman led her to a room that had a massage table in it," court documents added.

Epstein later walked in wearing only a towel and told the victim to "take off her clothes," according to court documents.

She allegedly told detectives "he was stern when he told her to take off her clothes."

According to the affidavit, Epstein then allegedly abused the girl.

A compilation of videos shows Palm Beach Police officers combing the now-infamous $16.4 million property where Epstein and his high-profile associates allegedly sexually abused many underage girls.

The walls of the sprawling nine-bedroom mansion are covered with dozens of photographs which offer a detailed look into the billionaire financier's illicit taste, specifically his fixation on young girls' derrieres.  

One of the photos features a girl who appears to be around the age of six bending over in a tiny dress with her backside exposed.

The image was considered so explicit that authorities blurred it out in the footage.  

In another, a dark-haired girl who appears to be around 15 poses in a tiny black bikini on the wall directly above a totally nude girl lying on a beach. 

A few of the photos feature Epstein's then-girlfriend Ghislaine Maxwell, including one where she too is outstretched naked on a beach. 

Maxwell has been accused of actively helping to recruit young girls for Epstein's pleasure by promising to promote their careers if they visited his various lavish properties across the US and abroad.

During the raid, officers then head to the kitchen and living room areas, where nearly every surface is covered in photos that are much more innocuous than the ones in more private areas of the home.

Many resemble typical family vacation snaps and professional portraits while others feature Epstein shaking hands with world leaders including Fidel Castro and Pope John Paul II.  

The upper level of the home has several sparse bedrooms with red and pink walls. 

The hallway is decorated with a mix of nude photographs and pieces of artwork.  

In one bathroom there is a chair next to a fully-equipped dentist's cart, complete with what appear to be drills, a lamp, and other instruments.

In another, a black-and-white portrait of Maxwell hangs above the toilet opposite a photo of a young naked girl with her back to the camera, running her hands through her hair.

Another wall has a crudely drawn picture depicting a baby and a skull with quotes from both Ralph Waldo Emerson — "A friend may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature" — and Star Trek's Mr. Spock — "Live long and prosper."

Later in the video, police find a collage of photos of a grey-haired man, who resembles Epstein, surrounded by other people who are hard to make out.  

Among them is the photo showing a man and woman who resemble Epstein and Maxwell in what looks like the White House Press Briefing Room - though there is no way to authenticate the photo.  

Not featured in the footage were the hidden camera Epstein allegedly used to tape his famous friends in sex acts with underage girls for blackmail purposes. 

A police report lists sex aids, videos, a school transcript, four massage tables, and soap-on-a-rope among dozens of items cops seized alongside some of the framed photos of naked girls. 

among many horrifying discoveries  investigators found a fully equipped dentists  cart in a bathroom of epstein s florida mansion © press
Among many horrifying discoveries, investigators found a fully-equipped dentists' cart in a bathroom of Epstein's Florida mansion

The raid on the mansion took place on October 20, 2005, as cops closed in on Epstein toward the end of an 11-month undercover investigation into claims that he hired underage girls to massage him in their underwear or totally naked. 

That probe started when a woman from West Palm Beach claimed her 14-year-old daughter had been lured to the mansion and ordered to strip to her underwear while she massaged Epstein.  

The financier ultimately pleaded guilty to a single charge of soliciting an under-age prostitute under a sweetheart deal that saw him serve just 13 months in prison and required him to register as a sex offender.  

Everything resurfaced in 2018 when the Miami Herald published a report about the plea deal, sparking an onslaught of allegations that led to Epstein being charged again this summer.  

He died by apparent suicide in his Manhattan jail cell on August 10 while awaiting trial for child sex trafficking charges.

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