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Democrats Attack Religious Liberty in New Resolution, Praise Nonreligious Voters

DNC passes resolution praising the values of 'religiously unaffiliated' Americans

 on 30th August 2019 @ 3.00pm
the democratic party is embracing nonreligious voters while criticizing  religious liberty © press
The Democratic Party is embracing nonreligious voters while criticizing 'religious liberty'

In a new resolution, the Democratic Party praises nonreligious voters and "religiously unaffiliated" Americans while attacking "religious liberty."

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) has passed a resolution praising the values of America's nonbelievers, saying they align with those of the Democrats.

According to the resolution, "religiously unaffiliated" Americans are the "largest religious group within the Democratic Party."

The resolution was unanimously passed at the DNC's summer meeting on August 24 in San Francisco, California and was championed by the Secular Coalition of America.

The SCA is a group that lobbies on behalf of atheists, agnostics, and humanists on public policy.

The organization celebrated the DNC's move as the first time a major party has "embraced American nonbelievers."

"Religiously unaffiliated Americans overwhelmingly share the Democratic Party’s values," said the resolution.

It also adds that Dems should advocate for "rational public policy based on sound science and universal humanistic values."

sarah levin of the secular coalition of america praised the democrats for the move © press
Sarah Levin of the Secular Coalition of America praised the Democrats for the move

According to Fox News, Sarah Levin, director of governmental affairs for the Secular Coalition of America, praised it as a way "to ensure that policy is driven by science and evidence, not sectarian beliefs."

The move comes as Democratic presidential candidates have ramped up their religious rhetoric on the campaign trail.

The party announced it is targeting "nonreligious voters" to try to beat President Trump, who solidified the evangelical vote in 2016.

"America was founded as a secular government charged with representing and protecting the freedoms of people of all faiths and none," Levin added. 

"I am proud to see the Democratic Party take that to heart by bringing secular Americans into the fold."

democrats accuse believers of using  religious liberty  to attack lgbtq americans © press
Democrats accuse believers of using 'religious liberty' to attack LGBTQ Americans

Political pundits have pointed out Democrats' so-called God problem in the past and their efforts to solve it.

In 2012, the last election Democrats won, a headline from the convention read: "Democrats boo God."

In 2016, attendees heckled a preacher during the opening prayer.

And on Saturday, Democrats took a shot at believers who use "religious liberty" to threaten the civil rights of LGBTQ Americans.

The Freedom From Religion Foundation's co-president, Annie Laurie Gaylor, called the resolution a "political landmark" that is "long overdue."

The Wisconsin-based FFRF "is optimistic that the DNC resolution is a sign of bigger and better things to come for freethinkers, and would like to see every party at every level of government adopt similar resolutions."

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