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Victims' Lawyer Says He Has 'Information' Jeffrey Epstein Was 'Murdered'

Spencer Kuvin claims prison insider was paid to make Epstein’s death look like suicide

 on 23rd August 2019 @ 3.00pm
lawyer spencer kuvin says jeffrey epstein was murdered and his death made to look like suicide © press
Lawyer Spencer Kuvin says Jeffrey Epstein was murdered and his death made to look like suicide

An attorney representing three of Jeffrey Epstein's victims says he has "information" that suggests the convicted pedophile was "murdered" and his death made to "look like a suicide," according to reports.

Lawyer Spencer Kuvin claims prison insiders killed Clinton-linked financier Epstein, saying they were "paid off" to "go into the jail and take care of him."

Epstein was found dead on August 10 in his New York jail cell where he was awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges.

Before his death, Kuvin previously predicted that Epstein would not live to see his trial.

Kuvin alleges that an anonymous prison worker from the Metropolitan Correctional Center contacted him to say it was "highly unlikely" the 66-year-old killed himself.

An investigation in Epstein's death determined that the accused sex trafficker hanged himself, using a bedsheet as a makeshift noose and wrapping it around his neck.

Kuvin is attempting to suggest otherwise, however.

Speaking to The Sun, Mr. Kuvin says a source told him that "every square inch" of the cells where Epstein was kept were covered by surveillance cameras.

The attorney says investigators shouldn’t have needed to conduct an investigation as the pedophile’s death would have been documented on video.

"The first words out of his mouth, to be honest, were, 'Don't believe what you are hearing' in regards to Epstein's death," Kuvin told the newspaper.

"I had a lengthy conversation with him about the issue of security within MCC and he gave me a fairly detailed description of the interior of the jail, which led me to believe that he was credible," he continues.

"He told me how the [special housing unit] where Mr. Epstein was kept was basically designed to be a jail within the jail."

lawyer spencer kuvin doesn t believe it would be possible for jeffrey epstein to kill himself in his cell © press
Lawyer Spencer Kuvin doesn't believe it would be possible for Jeffrey Epstein to kill himself in his cell

According to Kuvin, his source said there was an "even more secure unit" where the prison’s highest-profile inmates were kept, such as Epstein, who are under surveillance 24 hours a day.

"If reports that there is no CCTV are true - it would mean that they'd either shut the cameras off or they were not functioning in some way," Kuvin theorized.

"He says there's no way that they would not have been able to see what was going on."

The attorney has also voiced his own suspicions that Epstein’s cellmate was reportedly moved to a different holding area just hours before Epstein was found dead.

Epstein had been placed on suicide watch after he apparently made an unsuccessful attempt to take his own life on July 24, having been found unconscious on the floor with injuries to his neck.

He was taken off suicide watch not long after returning from the hospital.

"The purpose of a cellmate for someone who either who was on suicide watch or is on suicide watch is to notify guards if something is happening," he told The Sun.

"So the fact that they pulled the cellmate is not only one level above negligent, it also appears intentional.

"Really he should have been on suicide watch.

"Not only was he not on suicide watch, they pulled the one person that could have notified guards if something untoward was about to occur.

"It was almost as though they did it so that no one could see what was going to happen the following day."

Much of Kuvin’s doubt stems from his three meetings with Epstein, from which he believes the financier lacked the "resolve" to carry out such an act.

"He always seemed highly intelligent, arrogant, self-assured, confident.

"Never thought he did anything wrong, even in light of all the evidence against him, he basically just blamed the victims and had an incredible ego about himself and someone with that type of ego just never struck me as someone that could possibly commit suicide.

"I didn't think he was that brave to be perfectly honest.

"He always hid behind lawyers upon lawyers upon lawyers in his civil and criminal cases.

"I mean you can't even count the number of people he hired to protect him from any allegations, both civil and criminal.

"This type of an act requires a certain amount of resolve.

"And he just never struck me as someone that could do that."

questions are mounting over bill clinton s alleged relationship with jeffrey epstein © press
Questions are mounting over Bill Clinton's alleged relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

Kuvin previously speculated in the days leading up to Epstein’s death that he was in jeopardy of being killed because he had powerful friends who "didn’t want their secrets out."

As a result, the attorney believes that somebody inside the prison was paid to make Epstein’s death look like a suicide, and the guards were "paid to disappear and not be there."

"So someone went in there in the early morning hours, tied him around the neck with a bedsheet, tied the bed sheet to the bed and pushed him down effectively and held him down until he choked to death.

"With the fracture of the bone in his neck it suggests a high amount of force pushing down on him," he continued.

"I think the most likely scenario if it is not suicide - as I've said before - is that there were too many people that were afraid that he would talk about what he may have done with them and others.

"They just paid off someone to go into the jail and take care of him."

Representing three of Epstein’s purported victims, Kuvin says he is demanding a full investigation be carried out into what happened in the prison, as well as seeing Epstein’s co-conspirators arrested.

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