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CNN: 'You Don't Need to Be a Professional' to Discuss Trump's Mental Health

Panel says Trump could be a 'raving mad narcissist with a messianic complex'

 on 22nd August 2019 @ 11.00pm
cnn panel slams trump for  chosen one  comments on china s trade war with the us © press
CNN panel slams Trump for 'chosen one' comments on China's trade war with the US

A CNN panel argued that "you don't need to be a mental health professional" to discuss President Donald Trump's health.

On Thursday, Ana Navarro, Jeffrey Toobin, and Ben Howe appeared on New Day discussing the president's declaration of himself as "the chosen one," after he declared his fight China in the continuing trade war.

As Trump reflected on his fight with China, he briefly looked up to the sky before announcing, “I am the chosen one," yesterday. 

Navarro argued Trump could be a "raving mad narcissist with a messianic complex."

 president s declared himself as  the chosen one  after he declared his fight china in the continuing trade war © press
president's declared himself as 'the chosen one' after he declared his fight China in the continuing trade war

He then added, "You can save the tweets folks, telling me that I’m not a mental health professional and shouldn’t be talking about this because my 4 lbs micro poodle Cha-cha can look at this and say it is insane."

She added:

"We are the laughing stock internationally. You can’t go anywhere without people saying what is wrong with Trump? What is wrong with America? Have Americans lost their mind?”

Following Navarro's lengthy criticism, Toobin stated, "Can I just say, you know, of course, I agree with every word Ana said."

"Where is the Republican Party?" he asked rhetorically.


howe suggested trump has  the narcissist dream life © press
Howe suggested Trump has 'the narcissist dream life'

Where is anyone in that party who, you know, can say that the emperor has no clothes and the emperor is acting like a lunatic?

"I mean, this is so obvious. This is so wrong. And the narcissism and the constant lying, it’s obvious to anyone."

Howe suggested Trump has "the narcissist dream life. He spent his whole life a billionaire getting a lot of attention and thinking he’s the center of the universe, essentially. Then he became the president and kind of became the center of the universe. From his point of view, everything is destined in a way."

“You don’t have to be a mental health professional, Ana, to read the [Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders] manual, the definition of narcissism” Alisyn Camerota closed.

“It spells out exactly the signposts and the symptoms … We can leave it to the mental health professionals if we want, but it does have a corrosive effect on the country.”

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