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Bill Gates Refuses to Explain Why He Flew on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express'

Microsoft founder traveled on private jet after convicted pedophile was released from jail

 on 21st August 2019 @ 1.00pm
bill gates flew with jeffrey epstein on his  lolita express  private jet after the convicted pedophile was released from prison © press
Bill Gates flew with Jeffrey Epstein on his 'Lolita Express' private jet after the convicted pedophile was released from prison

Microsoft founder Bill Gates is refusing to respond to mounting questions surrounding the flight he took with Jeffrey Epstein on his "Lolita Express" private jet - shortly after the convicted pedophile was released from prison for sexually abusing a minor.

Gates has continued to keep a low profile in the week following the bombshell revelation - that he flew with Epstein on the infamous plane - when his name was revealed in the flight logs.

Victims have alleged that the plane was set up with a bed and used by Epstein and his guests to rape underage girls.

The connection Gates is one of many discoveries to emerge since Epstein was found dead in his jail cell earlier this month while awaiting trial on child sex trafficking charges.

According to the flight logs, the world's second-richest man Gates was the chairman of Microsoft at the time he flew on Epstein's Lolita Express in 2013.

The flight was four years after Epstein was jailed for soliciting a minor under the age of 18 for sex.

flight logs reveal that bill gates flew on jeffrey epstein s  lolita express  private jet in 2013 © press
Flight logs reveal that Bill Gates flew on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' private jet in 2013

According to the Daily Mail, flight records reveal that Gates flew with Epstein from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey to Palm Beach on March 1, 2013, one of the few flights that year where pilot Larry Viskoski recorded the name of a passenger.

A representative for Gates has not responded to requests for comment, beyond claiming that the once-richest man in the world never had any financial or charitable ties to Epstein.

The pairing is an odd one given the work Melinda Gates and the couple's foundation does for young women around the world.

And it is known that the two had spent time together previously, most notably at the annual Edge Dinner, which each year welcomes billionaires from around the world to come together and discuss advancements they are working in on the worlds of math, science, and technology.

In fact, the 2013 dinner took place just two nights before they flew to Florida, though neither of the men are pictured attending that year's event.

Epstein did claim he worked as a financial adviser to Gates for some time, but that claim was later shot down by the Microsoft founder's representative. 

Bill Gates was not the only famous name to hop aboard Epstein's plane either, with the serial pedophile also welcoming famed newsman Walter Cronkite, architect Peter Marino and a passenger identified as John Roberts.

Roberts flew with Epstein on at least two occasions according to flight records, from March 22, 2010, and February 10, 2011.

In 2010 the plane with Roberts traveled from Palm Beach to Oakland, and the following year from Palm Beach to Teterboro.

This in addition to the already noted famous guests such as Bill Clinton, Naomi Campbell, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker and Prince Andrew. 

Two of Jeffrey Epstein's "sex slaves" claim that they engaged in sexual acts with Prince Andrew - one of whom was underage at the time. 

bill clinton has also made a large number of flights on jeffrey epstein s  lolita express  private jet © press
Bill Clinton has also made a large number of flights on Jeffrey Epstein's 'Lolita Express' private jet

Virginia Roberts, whose defamation case against Epstein's alleged madame Ghislaine Maxwell is the source of these unsealed documents, provides a photo of herself with Prince Andrew and Maxwell at the latter's London home in one court filing.

She was 17 at the time the photo was taken of the three. 

The documents were released earlier this month, just moments after the US Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit upheld the decision to make public over 2,000 pages of court filings that had previously been under seal.

Those documents reveal in great detail the three-year period in which Roberts claims she was Epstein and Maxwell's "sex slave."  

"One of the individuals Ms. Giuffre was trafficked to was Prince Andrew – trafficking that took place in Defendant’s own townhouse in London," states the filing, which was in response to a Motion to Dismiss from Maxwell's attorneys. 

"There exist flight logs evidencing Ms. Giuffre flying to London alongside Defendant and Epstein on Epstein’s private plane, and a photo of Ms. Giuffre, Defendant, and the Prince, without Defendant ever offering a legal reasonable explanation for that photo being taken, or for traveling with a 17-year-old girl overseas."

The other female, Johanna Sjoberg, alleged that Prince Andrew groped her and Roberts in 2001 while the group was at Epstein's townhouse, in a deposition that was released with the unsealed court documents. 

Sjoberg, who was 21 at the time, claims there were multiple eyewitnesses to the incident. 

"I just remember someone suggesting a photo, and they told us to go get on the couch," said Sjoberg in a deposition. 

"And so Andrew and Virginia sat on the couch, and they put the puppet, the puppet on her lap.

"And so then I sat on Andrew’s lap, and I believe on my own volition, and they took the puppet’s hands and put it on Virginia’s breast, and so Andrew put his on mine."

Roberts' attorneys meanwhile used the photo of the teenager with Prince Andrew and Maxwell to point out that the defendant in that case never explained how they came to be alone in her London townhouse with a teenager from Florida.

"Defendant never offered an explanation regarding Ms. Giuffre’s photographs of her, Defendant, and Epstein," reads the filing submitted by Roberts' attorneys.

"She never offered a legal explanation for why Prince Andrew was photographed with his hand around Ms. Giuffre’s bare waist while she was a minor child, while posing with Defendant, inside Defendant’s house in London.

"This particular photograph corroborates Ms. Giuffre’s claims, and there is no other reasonable explanation why an American child should be in the company of adults not her kin, in the London house owned by the girlfriend of a now-convicted sex offender."

Prince Andrew has always denied any wrongdoing and in a 2015 court application, a judge threw out Robert’s allegations that she had sex with Prince Andrew and ordered them to be struck from the record as being "immaterial and impertinent."

Buckingham Palace also issued on the record statements in January 2015, stating: "Any suggestion of impropriety with underage minors is categorically untrue." 

That statement went on to note: "It is emphatically denied that the Duke of York had any form of sexual contact or relationship with Virginia Roberts.

"The allegations made are false and without any foundation."

In her own deposition that was unsealed on Friday, Roberts explicitly states that President Donald Trump did not engage in any sexual acts with Epstein's victims. 

Roberts said in a 2016 deposition that Trump "didn't partake in any sex with us ... and never flirted with me."

She also stated that despite Epstein claiming the two were friends, she did not recall ever seeing him at the Palm Beach mansion.

When asked if Roberts had ever seen the two together, she stated that she had never seen the two men interact during her time with Epstein.

Roberts has spoken publicly about her time with Epstein on a few occasions and stated that by 18 she was deemed too old for the pedophile.

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