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Illegal Alien Workers Flee Plants Amid ICE Raids, Freeing Up Jobs for Americans

Cheap illegal labor is fleeing Georgia food plants over fear of being captured by ICE

 on 19th August 2019 @ 3.00pm
illegal alien workers are now fleeing food processing plants over fears of being captures in ice raids © press
Illegal alien workers are now fleeing food processing plants over fears of being captures in ICE raids

Illegal alien workers have begun fleeing their jobs in food processing plants following the recent, well-publicized raids by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) in Mississippi, according to reports.

A number of plants on Georgia, where cheap illegal labor is believed to be rife, have reportedly seen their workforce dwindle as illegal aliens flee over fears of being captured during ICE raids.

While the illegal workers are being smoked out, however, the situation is creating job opportunities for Americans in their local communities.

Earlier this month, agents conducted the largest workplace ICE raid in US history, across five food processing plants in Mississippi, resulting in the arrest of 680 illegal alien workers.

Over 200 of the illegal workers caught had prior criminal records.

A federal criminal investigation is expected to result in convictions of the plants' employers.

The raids have already created hundreds of job openings for American workers, with some of the plants seeking to hire locals through jobs fairs.

the recent ice raids have been a wake up call for illegal alien workers  who are now fleeing their jobs © press
The recent ICE raids have been a wake-up call for illegal alien workers, who are now fleeing their jobs

The Mississippi ICE raids, according to reports compiled by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (AJC), spurred illegal workers in Hall County, Georgia — where numerous food processing plants are located — to flee their jobs in fear that they could be arrested for illegally working in the country.

Jerry Gonzalez with the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials told AJC that food processing plant workers fleeing their jobs following the Mississippi ICE raids proved that employers were illegally hiring illegal aliens:

Thursday’s walk-out is evidence of the presence of undocumented workers in those plants, Gonzalez said
“Without a doubt there are undocumented workers in Georgia’s agriculture industry. 
"Even if they use E-Verify – the plants in Mississippi used E-Verify. 
"That doesn’t mean they’re not using undocumented workers,” he said. [Emphasis added]

Though it is unclear which food processing plants in Hall County saw their illegal workers flee following the ICE raids in Mississippi, the region is home to plants such as Koch Foods of Gainsville, Victory Foods, Koch Meat Inc., and Cargill Inc.

a number of food processing plants in georgia have reportedly seen their illegal alien workforce dwindle © press
A number of food processing plants in Georgia have reportedly seen their illegal alien workforce dwindle

According to Breitbart, the Mississippi-based plant for Koch Foods was one of the five plants raided by ICE.

The plant is not associated with the billionaire Koch brothers.

Federal affidavits allege that Koch Foods has a long history of exploiting and hiring illegal workers.

As Breitbart reported, only 11 employers and no businesses have been federally prosecuted for hiring illegal aliens in the last year despite there being nearly eight million illegal alien workers holding American jobs at companies in the U.S.

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