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President Trump Considering 'Buying Greenland' from Denmark

Trump reportedly asks aides if buying the autonomous Danish territory 'would work'

 on 16th August 2019 @ 12.00pm
president trump has reportedly spoken to aides about buying greenland from denmark © press
President Trump has reportedly spoken to aides about buying Greenland from Denmark

President Donald Trump may be considering buying Greenland from Denmark in a bold investment to expand US territory, according to reports.

The president has reportedly spoken to his aides regarding the move, asking them to investigate whether acquiring the autonomous Danish territory, to capitalize on its resources and geopolitical significance, "would work."

The self-governing, culturally European 811,000-square-mile island of icy terrain in the Atlantic is home to around 56,000 people and is technically in North American waters, but its foreign and security policy is handled by the Danish Government.

President Trump is reportedly showing strong interest in buying Greenland after hearing Denmark is struggling to keep up with the financial subsidies for the island.

According to the Wall Street Journal, two sources say that Donald Trump has repeatedly asked his advisers with "varying degrees of seriousness" if it would be possible for the United States to acquire the largest island in the world.

A source told the WSJ that when the president first raised the idea of buying Greenland, he asked a table of associates last spring, "What do you guys think about that?"

"Do you think it would work?" he asked.

president trump reportedly heard that denmark is struggling to keep up with financial subsidies for greenland © press
President Trump reportedly heard that Denmark is struggling to keep up with financial subsidies for Greenland

According to the Daily Mail, it's unclear how exactly the U.S. would go about buying the island after America's two failed attempts by President Truman to buy it for $100million in 1946 and before that by the State Department in 1867.

During last spring's exchange with advisers, Trump got the idea after he'd heard that Denmark was having financial problems because of the subsidies it pays to Greenland. 

According to the Journal, Greenland relies on $591 million of subsidies from Denmark annually, which make up about 60% of its annual budget. 

The U.S. already has an airbase in Greenland, which is part of a state-of-the-art ballistic missile early warning system and satellite tracking system.  

Trump is scheduled to make his first visit to Denmark early next month, although the visit appears to be unrelated. 

Officials with Denmark's Royal House and the Danish embassy in Washington did have yet to respond to the Wall Street Journal's request for comment on the matter.

greenland is culturally european but could it soon become us territory © press
Greenland is culturally European but could it soon become US territory?

This news comes as it's revealed NASA scientists are flying over the island on a mission to track melting ice. 

It may not be a wise investment for Trump, as research shows Greenland has been melting faster in the last decade and this summer, it has seen two of the biggest melts on record since 2012.

Scientists want to know how this is happening.

Both warmer air and warmer water are eating away at Greenland, causing it to lose billions of tons of ice daily in the summer.

A team of scientists and engineers aboard a research plane this week are dropping probes into the ice to help figure out which is the bigger cause.

If water is playing a bigger role than scientists had thought, that could mean seas will be rising faster than expected.

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