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Man Plotted to Kill Children Because Their School Was Painted Like American Flag

Targeted schoolchildren because he dislikes the US and 'obnoxious pride in America'

 on 16th August 2019 @ 12.00am
the anti american suspect planned to kills  as many children as possible  because their school was painted like the us flag © press
The anti-American suspect planned to kills 'as many children as possible' because their school was painted like the US flag

A man has been arrested in Florida over allegations he was planning to kill elementary schoolchildren because their school is painted to look like an American flag.

Authorities say 22-year-old Andrew Ivan Aman was plotting to stab "as many children as possible" at Bellamy Elementary School in Tampa, Florida.

The suspect reportedly told police that he has a dislike for the United States and its citizens' "obnoxious pride in America."

Aman was taken into custody by police under the state’s Baker Act for a mental health evaluation.

suspect andrew ivan aman was on his way to the school with a knife to  stab as many children as possible © press
Suspect Andrew Ivan Aman was on his way to the school with a knife to 'stab as many children as possible'

The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office issued a document detailing his plan to warn others about the alleged threat, WTVT-TV reported.

The document, which was labeled “situational awareness” and “law enforcement sensitive” was released by the sheriff’s office Monday and described Aman’s plot to “stab as many children as possible.”

“If adults get in the way, he planned to stab them as well,” the document added.

According to Breitbart, Aman allegedly took issue with the school because it was painted with the colors of the American flag and showed American pride.

The 22-year-old suspect— who has a history of severe mental illness— wanted to target the American elementary school because he dislikes America's patriotism, according to the document.

The bulletin says Aman concealed a kitchen knife in a handbag and was headed for the school with the intent to "stab as many children as possible."

However, Aman became sidetracked when he encountered his roommate before leaving their residence, according to Fox13.

That's when he apparently changed his mind.

Aman's roommate told officers about the plot.

andrew ivan aman took issue with the school s patriotic paint scheme © press
Andrew Ivan Aman took issue with the school's patriotic paint scheme

The document said Aman targeted the school because he hates the United States and "the school's 'obnoxious pride in America' as illustrated by the large American flag mural on the front of the building."

After Aman was taken into custody, deputies searched his residence.

They said no firearms were found.

The bulletin warned, "Law enforcement should use extreme caution in dealing with [the subject.]"

It's unclear what agencies or groups had access to the document.

After the document was made public, the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office issued a notice about the incident, verifying details outlined in the bulletin.

HCSO said there is an ongoing investigation and charges could follow, however, there is "currently no safety threat for students, parents or staff of Bellamy Elementary."

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