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Cory Booker Calls for Tough New Gun Laws to Give Americans More 'Freedom'

Claims people 'hide' in 'fear' from 4th of July fireworks because of current gun laws

 on 15th August 2019 @ 7.00pm
cory booker claims restricting gun ownership will give people more  freedom © press
Cory Booker claims restricting gun ownership will give people more 'freedom'

2020 Democrat Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) is calling for tough new gun laws, claiming that restricting firearm ownership among citizens will give people more "freedom."

Speaking to far-left MSNBC host Rachel Maddow on Wednesday, Democratic presidential longshot Booker insisted that America's current gun laws cause people to "dive for cover" and "hide" during Fourth of July celebrations when fireworks go off.

Senator Booker told conspiracy theorist Maddow that, while serving as mayor in Newark, New Jersey, people would show him bullet holes in their windows:

"It creates an environment so crippled by fear and trauma that on the Fourth of July in communities like mine across this country, you have people who hear fireworks, and parents will tell you, their children dive for cover," Booker explains.

"They cower. They hide," Booker claimed.

"We've created such a culture of fear that's now penetrating all types of communities where we say the best we can do to our children now, when they go to school in September, is we can't protect you, so we're going to teach you how to duck for cover, shelter in place," Booker said.

cory booker told rachel maddow that people hide when they hear fireworks on fourth of july because of current gun laws © press
Cory Booker told Rachel Maddow that people hide when they hear fireworks on Fourth of July because of current gun laws

"That is a society that has surrendered basic freedoms," Booker continued to explain to Maddow.

"Freedom from violence. Freedom from gunfire.

"Freedom to live without this kind of constant cortisol in the back of your brain being released that undermines our quality of life.

"We are losing our well-being as a nation because so many of these guns now are on our streets, so easily gotten by people who intend to do massive amounts of harm."

Booker, discussing the then-ongoing police standoff with an armed criminal in Philadelphia, seemed to suggest that gun control laws would prevent bad guys from getting guns:

"I've seen some of the most courageous officers, when I was mayor, run into buildings where they have no situational awareness, encounter weapons that have no business being on our streets, in the hands of people who would never have been able to get them if we had the most common-sense background checks," Booker said.

"Unfortunately, in our cities all across America, we see officers in situations of danger they should not be in and would not be in if we were a nation that had sensible gun safety laws."

2020 democrat kirsten gillibrand is also calling for tough new gun laws and criminal prosecutions for americans who don t comply © press
2020 Democrat Kirsten Gillibrand is also calling for tough new gun laws and criminal prosecutions for Americans who don't comply

According to CNS News, the National Rifle Association argues that universal background checks and other gun control measures will affect only law-abiding gun owners, not criminals who get their guns by theft, straw purchases, or the black market.

Booker's plan to end violence involving guns includes:

  • Gun licensing
  • Universal background checks
  • Regulation and oversight of gun manufacturers
  • Ending gun manufacturers' immunity from lawsuits
  • Requiring handgun microstamping
  • No gun sales until a background check is completed
  • Banning assault weapons, high-capacity magazines, and bump stocks
  • Limiting handgun sales to one per month
  • Funding or community-based violence intervention programs and gun violence research
  • Taking on the NRA

Booker is one of several Democrats calling for an overhaul of Americans' Second Amendment rights.

Speaking to CNN on Wednesday, Booker's fellow 2020 Democrat Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) said she supports the idea of introducing a ban on "assault weapons" and criminally prosecuting Americans who fail to comply with a "mandatory buyback" program.

Gillibrand described both a mandatory gun buyback program, as well as prosecution for those who refuse to surrender their firearms to the government, as “strong” ideas.

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