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Texas BBQ Joint Sees Record Sales After Being ‘Exposed’ as Trump Donor

Bill Miller Bar-B-Q in San Antonio has queues around the block after doxing by Castro

 on 10th August 2019 @ 6.00pm
bill miller bar b q in san antonio  texas saw people queuing around the block after being  exposed  as a trump donor © press
Bill Miller Bar-B-Q in San Antonio, Texas saw people queuing around the block after being 'exposed' as a Trump donor

A BBQ restaurant chain in San Antonio, Texas has seen record sales after the company's owner was "exposed" as one of President Donald Trump's donors by Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro’s (D-TX) this week, according to reports.

Customers were seen queueing around the block to get into Bill Miller Bar-B-Q restaurants, with cars backed up in the drive-through lanes in huge lines.

Bill Miller's proprietor Balous Miller was among the names on a list published by Castro in an attempt to "name and shame" the president's supporters in the wake of the recent mass-shootings.

Texas Democratic Rep. Castro is among a number of far-left Dems who claims Trump is "responsible" for the attacks in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, that left 31 people dead last weekend.

democrat rep  joaquin castro   s  exposé  of trump donors in texas backfired when bill miller bar b q saw record sales © press
Democrat Rep. Joaquin Castro’s 'exposé' of Trump donors in Texas backfired when Bill Miller Bar-B-Q saw record sales

Castro has since come under fire from both Democrats and Republicans for his actions, only gaining support from radicals such as AOC Squad member Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI).

Castro’s plan to expose people who have donated to President Trump’s re-election campaign appears to have backfired in the case of some on the list, however.

In the case of Bill Miller Bar-B-Q in San Antonio, the move has given a huge boost to the already-pupular business.

“It seems Castro may have unintentionally advertised for the business because people claiming to be locals are reporting lines of people looking to support it stretching long and far,” BizPac Review reported.

The food writer at the San Antonio Express-News also reported on the newfound international fame of the popular barbecue restaurant:

We are now officially in the age when barbecue is no longer safe from the bureaucrats — not even a San Antonio institution like Bill Miller Bar-B-Q.
And I say the state needs to be separate from the church of smoke.
Texas Gov. Greg Abbott came to the immediate defense of Miller, posting a photo on Twitter of a barbecue plate and stating: “Perfect night for @BillMillerBarBQ.”
trump donor balous miller watches as luis villegas checks the temperature of a chicken breast at the bill miller bar b q commissary in san antonio © press
Trump donor Balous Miller watches as Luis Villegas checks the temperature of a chicken breast at the Bill Miller Bar-B-Q Commissary in San Antonio

But long before Trump’s presidency and Castro’s ploy, the barbecue empire that started as one restaurant in 1950 and expanded to 70 restaurants in San Antonio “and beyond” has been successful and will continue to be, the Express-News reported.

“One barbecue owner, who wished to remain anonymous, estimated that a single Bill Miller location outsells most independent barbecue joints in the area by a wide margin,” the article said.

“According to its website, it sells up to 2,500 smoked briskets per day.”

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