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New Evidence Suggests Epstein Plotting to Abuse 8-Year-Olds with Powerful Friends

Court fillings show messages and calls from Duchess of York, Jean-Luc Brunnel

 on 31st July 2019 @ 1.00pm
messages left for jeffery epstein  suggested his friend might be procuring two 8 year old girls for the pedophile to sexually abuse © press
Messages left for Jeffery Epstein 'suggested his friend might be procuring two 8-year-old girls for the pedophile to sexually abuse'

The scandal surrounding Jeffrey Epstein's child sex trafficking case has taken a far more disturbing turn, as newly-obtained evidence revealed in court filings shows messages left for the Clinton-linked financier from his powerful friends that appear to suggest "his friend might be procuring two 8-year-old girls for the pedophile to sexually abuse."

State court documents filed by a lawyer for the victims shows messages and call logs for Epstein around the time the Palm Beach Police first began investigating the pedophile in 2005.

The docs show Epstein took calls from former members of the Royal Family and received details about an iconic designer's weekend visit to his Palm Beach mansion.

The convicted sex offender also received multiple messages from his close friend Jean-Luc Brunel - a model agent who has been accused of molesting children and sexual assault and rape by multiple women.

One of the messages appears to reference underage girls, while another notes how much an 18-year-old woman "loves Jeffrey."

Another message from Brunell relays a doctor's professional advice on how to treat a sexually transmitted disease.

The calls and messages in the court filings were all obtained by Daily Mail after filing a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for Palm Beach records relating to Epstein's legal battles in the decade since he left prison.

messages from jean luc brunel  pictured  suggest he was  procuring two eight year old girls for epstein to sexually abuse © press
Messages from Jean-Luc Brunel (pictured) suggest he was 'procuring two eight-year-old girls for Epstein to sexually abuse'

According to the Dail Mail, the message pad was first obtained by police during their search of Epstein's Palm Beach mansion in October of 2005, shortly after they were tipped off to the fact that the pedophile knew he was being investigated by police.

A message from alleged child "pimp" Ghislaine Maxwell in August of that year reveals that Epstein and his age-appropriate companion were hosting Tom Ford in Palm Beach.

"She let [Epstein's pilot] Larry go," reads the note.

Epstein is then told to contact Maxwell to let her know if she should just pick the designer up in the helicopter, which she was licensed to fly. 

In January, a message states that "HRH Duchess of York" aka "Sarah (Fergie)" [Sarah Ferguson - Prince Andrew's ex-wife who he still lives with] is "expecting your call."

There are also messages from his good friend Leslie Wexner about business matters, and former Daily News owner Mort Zuckerman calls to ask what the best time would be for him to visit would be during a trip to Palm Beach.

None of those people have been implicated in any way in Epstein's scandals, and are believed to have been caught completely off guard when they learned about his predatory habits.

There are also seven messages from magician David Copperfield or his assistant.

"Magic David called," reads one note.

"It's jackpot," says another message. 

These all stand in stark contrast to the frequent messages left by Brunnell.

At 8:08 am on the morning of April 1, Brunnel called Epstein and left a message, which was relayed to Epstein via a note that read: "He has a teacher for you to teach you how to speak Russian.

"She is 2 x 8 years old not blonde. Lessons are free and you can have 1st today if call me back."

jeffrey epsstein took calls from sarah ferguson  bottom left    the live in ex wife of epstein s pal prince andrew © press
Jeffrey Epsstein took calls from Sarah Ferguson (bottom left) - the live-in ex-wife of Epstein's pal Prince Andrew

Brunnel then followed up again at 8:31 am and 9:04 am, asking that Epstein gets in touch. 

Bradley Edwards, the lawyer for a number of Epstein victims including Virginia Giuffre (née Roberts) included those three messages as evidence after Epstein filed a civil suit against him. 

"In light of these circumstances of the case, this message reasonably suggested to Edwards that Brunel might have been procuring two eight-year-old girls for Epstein to sexually abuse," stated one court filing submitted by Edwards and his lawyer. 

"According to widely circulated press reports reviewed by Edwards, Brunel is in his sixties and has a reputation throughout the world (and especially in the modeling industry) as a cocaine addict that has for years molested children through modeling agencies while acting as their agent — conduct that has been the subject of critical reports, books, several news articles, and a 60 Minutes documentary on Brunel’s sexual exploitation of underage models."

That legal battle waged on for years before finally ending in December, when Epstein settled with Edwards and publicly apologized after the lawyer counter sued for defamation.

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