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PM Boris Johnson Shreds 'Brainwashed' Corbyn, Vows to 'Make Britain Great Again'

New UK Prime Minister blasts socialist Labour leader, channels President Trump

 on 26th July 2019 @ 1.00pm
pm boris johnson slammed the labour party s socialist leader jeremy corbyn as  brainwashed © press
PM Boris Johnson slammed the Labour Party's socialist leader Jeremy Corbyn as 'brainwashed'

In his fiery debut as British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson took aim at the Labour Party's leader, blasting socialist Jeremy Corbyn as a "brainwashed Remainer."

During his first clash as leader in the House of Commons, PM Johnson also accused Corbyn of being in hock to Iranian "Mullahs."

BoJo appeared to channel President Donald Trump as he issued a warning to the European Union, threatening to "tear up" the Brexit backstop and vowing "make Britain great again."

The PM was goading the Labour leader for abandoning his long-standing Euroscepticism, declaring that the Conservative Party is now the only ones "on the side of the people."

Addressing the current tensions with Iran, Mr. Johnson pointed out that Corbyn was paid to appear on Iranian state TV, accusing him of taking sides with the "Iranian Mullahs." 

The premier was cheered to the rafters by Tories as he told MPs he was determined to honor his "do or die" promise to secure Brexit by the end of October.

boris johnson slammed socialist jeremy corbyn as a  brainwashed remainer  who is in hock with  iranian mullahs © press
Boris Johnson slammed socialist Jeremy Corbyn as a 'brainwashed Remainer' who is in hock with 'Iranian Mullahs'

According to the Daily Mail, Johnson was going on the attack after his unprecedented bloodbath of 17 Cabinet ministers overnight.

Mr. Johnson warned that the Irish border backstop must be scrapped altogether, saying "a time limit is not enough."

He issued a warning to the EU to "rethink" its refusal to make more concessions in the negotiations - threatening to withhold the £39billion divorce bill unless the UK gets a better deal.

He said the UK was "better prepared" than many thought for No Deal, but confirmed Michael Gove will be tasked with finalizing contingencies in case they are needed.

In a typically flamboyant and upbeat performance, Mr. Johnson echoed President Trump's "make America great again" slogan by insisting his policies would make Britain the "greatest country in the world" within 30 years.

He admitted he was not expecting to stay in No. 10 that long.  

But Mr. Johnson faced a grilling from Remainer MPs from across parties, including some of the ministers he brutally sacked on becoming PM this week. 

Mr. Corbyn accused him of "hastily throwing together a hard Right Cabinet," saying there was no reason to believe he could succeed where Theresa May failed.  

Some senior figures pointedly stayed away from the explosive session - with Theresa May, Greg Clark and David Gauke pictured watching the cricket at Lords.  

pm boris johnson appeared to channel president trump as he vowed to  make britain great again © press
PM Boris Johnson appeared to channel President Trump as he vowed to 'make Britain great again'

Speaking in the Commons, Mr. Johnson said: "I, and all ministers, are committed to leaving on this date. Whatever the circumstances.

"To do otherwise would cause a catastrophic loss of confidence in our political system.

"It would leave the British people wondering whether their politicians could ever be trusted again to follow a clear democratic instruction."

Mr. Johnson said he would make the UK the "greatest place on Earth" by 2050. 

"Our mission is to deliver Brexit on October 31 for the purpose of uniting and re-energizing our great United Kingdom and making this country the greatest place on Earth," he said. 

"And when I say the greatest place on earth, I'm conscious that some may accuse me of hyperbole, but it's useful to imagine the trajectory on which we could now be embarked. 

"By 2050 it's more than possible that the United Kingdom will be the greatest and most prosperous economy in Europe, at the center of a new network of trade deals which we have pioneered."

Infrastructure investment, high-speed broadband, free ports and "unleashing the productive power" of the whole UK were ways he would deliver his vision, Mr. Johnson said. 

The PM accused the Labour leader of "metamorphosing" into a Remainer.

"At last, this long-standing Eurosceptic, the right honorable gentleman, has been captured, he has been jugulated, he has been re-programmed by his honourable friends," he jibed as the House erupted in cheers and laughter. 

"He has been turned now into a Remainer."

Mr. Johnson said the Tories were now the "the party of the people."

He said: "This Government is clearly on the side of democracy.

"It is this party that is on the side of the people who voted so overwhelmingly in 2016.

"It is this party that will deliver the mandate that they gave to this Parliament and which, by the way, this Parliament promised time and time and time again to deliver, and indeed the right honorable gentleman and all his colleagues promised to deliver it.

"The reality now is that we are the party of the people.

"We are the party of the many, we are the party of many, and they are the party of a few.

"We will take this country forward, they will take it backwards."

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