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Pedophile with HIV Due to be Released from Prison, Despite Vowing to Spread Virus

Transgender sex offender jailed for raping children while knowingly infected with HIV

 on 24th July 2019 @ 12.00pm
rory francis was jailed for raping children knowing he had hiv © press
Rory Francis was jailed for raping children knowing he had HIV

A convicted pedophile, who was jailed for raping children while knowingly infected with HIV, is due to be released from prison, despite threatening to continue spreading the virus upon release.

35-year-old Rory Francis will be automatically released from jail in early September.

Francis was sentenced to serve nine years and four months for the 2010 rape and sexual assault of boys and girls in New Zealand. 

Since being jailed, biological male Francis has become transgender and now identifies as a woman, going by the name Laken McKay.

In 2005 Francis also served time for the indecent assault of young boys, in the same year he was diagnosed with HIV.

In April 2018, McKay threatened to give as many people HIV and Hepatitis C as possible if released from jail.

rory francis now  identifies  as laken mckay and will be released in september  despite threats © press
Rory Francis now 'identifies' as Laken McKay and will be released in September, despite threats

McKay wrote to the NZ Herald in April 2018, saying they didn't want to be released back into society.

In the letter, McKay asked to be kept "behind a fence" for the rest of their life.

"So I wrote a letter to the chief executive of Corrections," McKay wrote.

"I said that I wanted to live in the compound in Christchurch … which means I'll live there for the rest of my life - the community knows they are safe from me and I safe from them."

"I also stated that if I were to be released from custody I would start working again as a prostitute and give as many people HIV and Hep C, which in my eyes makes me an immediate threat to the community."

In August last year, McKay was briefly released on parole and started living under a new name, but was recalled back to jail in October, according to the Daily Mail.

McKay was sent back to prison for breaching parole by working as a prostitute and taking methamphetamine as payment. 

Two separate Parole Board hearings in March and July this year denied an early release from prison as McKay is still seen as a risk to the community.

But once McKay's official sentence ends in early September the dangerous pedophile will be released. 

McKay will need to undergo a drug treatment program before leaving prison, and after being freed will be electronically monitored. 

They will be placed under a number of strict special provisions for the first six months of release. 

laken mckay wrote a letter from prison in april 2018 threatening to spread hiv and hepatitis c upon release © press
Laken McKay wrote a letter from prison in April 2018 threatening to spread HIV and Hepatitis C upon release

The provisions will include a total ban on entering or loitering near any schools, parks and swimming pools, and not contacting any victims or anyone under the age of 16. 

McKay will also be banned from using drugs and alcohol and will need permission before starting or changing a job.  

The family of McKay's victims feared the new identity could prevent the community from knowing the history of sexual assault. 

"It's important to me that people know who he is," said an aunt of one child, who knows the offender as Rory Francis. 

"It's like he's trying to hide his identity, who he is and what he has done."

However, McKay now claims to have been reformed and no longer poses a risk to society.

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