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Sweden Sees 40 Percent Spike in Male Rape Victims

New figures show rise in rapes against Swedish women, children and men

 on 16th July 2019 @ 1.00pm
new figures show a surge in rapes in sweden  with a 40 percent rise in male victims © press
New figures show a surge in rapes in Sweden, with a 40 percent rise in male victims

New figures show a huge surge of rapes in Sweden against women, children, and men, with a 40 percent spike in Swedish male victims, according to reports.

Compared to the same period last year, the figures show an increase of all rapes in Sweden with an average increase of 14 percent.

The number of men being raped particularly stands out, however, which has soared dramatically by 40 percent.

The troubling data was revealed by the Swedish Crime Preventing Counsel, BRÅ, which annually publishes statistics of crime development in the country.

In the first half of 2019, the recently published figures reveal that the number of reported rapes and sexual abuses increased substantially compared to the same period for last year.

On average, rapes went up by 14 percent, with the rape of children rising by 6 percent, of women by 20 percent and of men by 40 percent.

Crimes against people on the whole increased by a total of 2 percent in Sweden, but it is the most violent acts that stand out the most.

Less serious crimes, e.g. thefts, pick-pocketing and breaking into homes are decreasing, which Swedish left-wing media enjoys focusing on, while violent crims are on the rise.

the rape of women in sweden is also up 20 percent  with a rise of 6 percent in child rapes © press
The rape of women in Sweden is also up 20 percent, with a rise of 6 percent in child rapes

More male victims

Rapes of male victims are increasing the most, with the victim often being young and attacked by more than one perpetrator.

This happened to a teen boy attacked and raped by three masked men in Fagersta in early June.

There is also a recent case with a young male in Uppsala, which caused outbursts on social media.

The victim was found unconscious in a stairwell after a serious rape, also committed by three young adolescents.

No descriptions of perpetrators

Both the Police and the Swedish media have been criticized for refusing to publish descriptions of the malicious rapists, other than revealing that they sometimes wear dark clothes.

After a rape of a young woman in Karlstad last fall, the Police decided, however, to present a description to the press – of the victim.

violent crime on the whole is up in sweden © press
Violent crime on the whole is up in Sweden

Increased willingness to report crimes explained as the cause

There is a debate going on in Sweden about the motives behind the alarming figures.

BRÅ, however, is more satisfied, since the agency’s position is that an increased willingness to report rapes to the police, is the real cause behind the trend.

”There probably has not been an increase of rapes in Sweden at all,” claimed BRÅ’s senior professor Jerzy Sarnecki, a few weeks ago.

Sarnecki is sometimes referred to as "Bagdad Bob" by social media critics and conservative parties in the country.

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