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Pelosi: ‘God Gave Us’ America and Trump is ‘Degrading it Every Single Day’

Claims Trump citizenship question is attempt to 'make America white again'

 on 10th July 2019 @ 1.00am
nancy pelosi claims trump is  degrading  america  every single day © press
Nancy Pelosi claims Trump is 'degrading' America 'every single day'

Democratic House Speaker Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) unloaded on President Donald Trump as she proceeded to opine on at a press event on Monday, rhetorically asking the crowd, “What is America?” 

Pelosi then continued to explain that America was given to Americans by God before warning that President Trump and his administration are degrading and denigrating it on a daily basis:

“Who is America? America is our Constitution.
“What is America? It is this beautiful land that God gave us from sea to shining sea and beyond that they are degrading on every single day that they serve in office.
“What is America? America is our people – the beautiful diversity of America and they denigrate newcomers to our country.
“They dishonor the Constitution. They degrade the environment from land.
They denigrate the diversity that is the beauty of the mix of America and they undermine our values as a country, who we are as a country.”

Pelosi made the remarks while blasting Pres. Trump’s efforts to include a citizenship question on the 2020 US Census.


pelosi went out all guns blazing during the monday presser in california © press
Pelosi went out all-guns-blazing during the Monday presser in California

Speaker Pelosi then decided to co-opt Trump's campaign slogan by accusing the president of attempting to “make America white again” by including the Census question. 

According to the Washington Times, she also said there will likely be a vote to hold the Commerce secretary in contempt of Congress for refusing to detail his decision-making on why he tried to add the citizenship question to next year’s count.

And she said even as the courts rule on Mr. Trump’s renewed efforts to include the question, Congress will try to increase the amount of money spent on the census in order to boost the count.

“What they want to do is put a chilling effect so certain populations will not answer the form,” Mrs. Pelosi said in California, speaking at an event trying to push election security reforms.

The Supreme Court last month derailed Mr. Trump’s attempt to add a citizenship question, ruling that while such a question is legal, the administration bungled the effort to get it on the 2020 questionnaire.

nancy pelosi accused president trump of wanting to  make america white again © press
Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of wanting to 'make America white again'

Mr. Trump has said he’s considering issuing an executive order to try to shoehorn the question in — though that, too, would face legal scrutiny from judges, at least one of whom has already expressed skepticism.

The president and his team have given a number of reasons why they want the question, including to better enforce voting rights laws or to help with redistricting.

Mrs. Pelosi and fellow Democrats see more nefarious motives.

They believe the administration is trying to scare Hispanic and illegal immigrant residents into not replying to the census.

“They want to suppress that and have it be only certain people counted — people who will vote with them,” she said.

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