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Biden Heckled with 'Sleepy Joe' Chants During 4th of July Parade - WATCH

2020 Democrat blasted with Trump's nickname during heckling

 on 5th July 2019 @ 3.00pm
biden was heckled with chants of  sleepy joe  while attending a fourth of july parade © press
Biden was heckled with chants of 'Sleepy Joe' while attending a Fourth of July parade

2020 Democratic frontrunner Joe Biden was humiliated with pro-Trump heckling during his appearance at a Fourth of July parade on Thursday.

While shaking hands at the parade in Independence, Iowa, former Vice President Biden was met with chants from the crowd of “Sleepy Joe,” a nickname popularized by President Trump.

“Where’s your walker?” someone reportedly asked Biden, who asked another heckler if he’d like to jog.

As Biden jogged down the town's 2nd Street, he was met with cheers from supporters, as well as mockery from some critics who jeered "Trump, Trump" when he passed by. 

Despite Biden being seen as the likely recipient of the Democratic Party’s nomination to oppose President Trump in the upcoming election, his popularity on social media continues to wane.

Although Biden appears to be desperately trying to bolster his campaign in time for 2020, his struggle to appeal to US voters is increasingly obvious.

one heckler shouted  where s your walker   to biden © press
One heckler shouted 'where's your walker?' to Biden

According to the Washington Examiner, another approached Biden, 76, during the parade and exclaimed "Sleepy Joe!"

Obama's VP asked him to join him in a jog. The man declined.

Both former Texas Rep. Beto O'Rourke, 46, and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, 58, were also in attendance during the day's festivities.

Neither of them, however, tried looking as fit and spry as Biden, who trotted for several blocks during the parade.

Biden's spirited effort to appear energized and lively left many of his decades-younger staffers stained with sweat and out of breath.

hecklers shouted  trump  trump  as joe biden passed by © press
Hecklers shouted 'Trump, Trump' as Joe Biden passed by

The question of whether Biden is physically up for the job as president has plagued his campaign since he announced in April.

A Reuters poll released Monday found that Americans care more about a president's age than his sexual orientation.

48 percent of adults say they are "much" or "somewhat" less likely to support a candidate if the individual was older than 70.

Bernie Sanders is 77 and the next-youngest candidate behind Biden is Elizabeth Warren, who became a septuagenarian last month.

Biden's appearance in Independence marks only his third trip to Iowa during his third White House run.

He dropped out after securing 0.9% of the vote in the 2008 Iowa caucuses and withdrew from the 1988 race in September 1987 following a plagiarism scandal.

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