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Mother Who Let Boyfriend Rape, Murder Daughter, 4, Demands to Be Freed from Jail

Abigail Young allowed Lucas Coe to abuse and kill her young child

 on 4th July 2019 @ 12.00pm
mother abigail young allowed her 4 year old daughter emma thompson to be raped and murdered © press
Mother Abigail Young allowed her 4-year-old daughter Emma Thompson to be raped and murdered

A "mother" who allowed her 4-year-old daughter to be raped and murdered by her boyfriend is now demanding she is released from prison as she prepares to apply for parole.

Abigail Young, a registered nurse, let her boyfriend sexually abuse and torture her own child to death but now claims she has paid for her crimes after serving just half of her sentence.

Young was jailed for 20 years in 2010 for letting her boyfriend Lucas Coe rape her four-year-old child Emma Thompson at their home in Houston, Texas.

After sparking such revulsion, the case led to the creation of Emma’s Law, which restricts individuals convicted of crimes with the same level of severity to only apply for parole every five years.

But Young is now automatically able to apply to be freed on an annual basis again because she has now served half her prison sentence.

Laurie Thompson, Emma’s paternal grandma, told KHOU: "That’s a slap in the face to us as a family and to anyone who has suffered a loss like ours."

the pair was convicted and jailed for their crimes in 2010 © press
The pair was convicted and jailed for their crimes in 2010

According to Metro, Texas Crime Stoppers spokesman Andy Kahan added: "There’s no reason in the world we should be doing this every year, it’s a waste of everybody’s time, resources and energy."

Three weeks before Emma’s death, the youngster was found to be suffering from sexually transmitted disease herpes.

But because there were no signs she’d been sexually abused, social workers put it down to a rare case of transmission by casual contact, and did not remove her from her home.

After Emma’s death, the youngster was found to have suffered horrific sexual and physical abuse.

She had more than 80 bruises on her body, and ultimately succumbed to injuries including a fractured skull and severed pancreas.

Young even tried to repair a painful laceration on the back of her daughter’s skull with crazy glue.

The youngster was so horrifically beaten her grieving family considered giving her a closed casket funeral.

boyfriend lucas coe raped  tortured  and murdered the 4 year old girl © press
Boyfriend Lucas Coe raped, tortured, and murdered the 4-year-old girl

And neighbors were stunned when Young made an announcement insisting Emma’s death had been the result of a fall from the toilet.

She claimed her daughter had suffered a diabetic seizure.

Young also blamed the bruises on Emma’s thighs – believed to have been inflicted by her boyfriend as he sexually abused her – on the force with which she pulled her daughter from the car after she passed out.

Neighbor Julius Villareal, who witnessed the bizarre defense, told the Houston Chronicle: "To me, she acted calm like she had lost five dollars."

Coe got life in prison for the killing and was branded a "bogeyman" and a "monster" by Emma’s dad Ben Thompson during his sentencing hearing.

He had been charged with another assault in a separate county just before Emma’s death, but improper information sharing procedures meant social services did not find out about this until it was too late.

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