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Mother of Child Drag Queen Complains Pedophile is Sexualizing Her Son

Parent of 12-year-old who dances in gay bars, says he is being 'sexualized' by predators

 on 3rd July 2019 @ 1.00pm
the mother of child drag queen  desmond is amazing  is complaining her son is being sexualized by predators © press
The mother of child drag queen 'Desmond is Amazing' is complaining her son is being sexualized by predators

The mother of a 12-year-old child drag queen is complaining that her son is being "sexualized" by pedophile sexual predators.

The mom of Desmond Naples, aka Desmond is Amazing, is appalled that a convicted pedophile says he finds her son "sexy" and "hot" and sexualizes his performances.

Desmond has been making headlines since he was just 10-year-old for his drag queen "performances."

In December last year, the then-11-year-old boy was found dressed in women's clothing and dancing provocatively in a New York gay bar late at night, while grown men howled and threw dollar bills at him.

The incident drew the attention at Child Protective Services after a patron of the bar secretly filmed the boy on stage and the video went viral.

The young boy's parents have been investigated by authorities for alleged child abuse, his mother Wendy Napoles confirmed via Instagram.

According to a report by Life Site News at the time, “Child Protective Services (CPS) investigated Desmond’s family, as did the New York City Administration for Child Services (ACS), the New York Police Department (NYPD), the Child Advocacy Center, the Center for Missing and Exploited Children, the Department of Labor, and the District Attorney’s Office.”

desmond s mother  wendy napoles  complained her son is being sexualized by pedophiles © press
Desmond's mother, Wendy Napoles, complained her son is being sexualized by pedophiles

According to the Daily Caller, Tom O’Carroll, convicted in the UK in 2006 for distributing child pornography, and former chairman of the Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) referred to Desmond in a blog post written last month as a “pretty young boy” and “sexy kid.”

“We do not approve of his statements & have written to @wordpressdotcom several times but they have yet to remove it," said Wendy Napoles in a statement on Instagram.

"It is highly inappropriate to speak of minors in this manner.

“What Tom O’Carroll has said is out of our control & we do not know him or associate with him or any other pedophiles or sex offenders.” 

She then went on to criticize conservative media saying: 

“The Conservative press is currently accusing us of purposely attracting pedophiles & accusing the LGBTQ community of supporting this.”

desmond s parents were investigated by cps following reports the young boy was  performing  in a gay club for adult men © press
Desmond's parents were investigated by CPS following reports the young boy was 'performing' in a gay club for adult men

As recently as last December, Desmond was criticized when it was discovered that he had performed in a gay club as grown men threw dollars bills at him.

He wore a crop top and a blonde wig while dancing to the song “Just a Girl” by No Doubt.

In a photo posted on the same Instagram page back in June, Desmond appears next to an adult individual wearing a shirt that says, “Angels Have No Gender But Lots Of Sex.”

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