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Jimmy Carter: 'Investigations' Would Prove Trump Lost 2016 Election

Former president jumps on Russia narrative

 on 28th June 2019 @ 8.00pm
carter claims trump is in office because the russians interfered on his behalf © press
Carter claims Trump is in office because the Russians interfered on his behalf

Former President Jimmy Carter said on Friday if a 'thorough investigation' was conducted it would find President Donald Trump lost the 2016 election due to 'outside interference.' 

Speaking during a Carter Center conference on Human Rights Carter, the former presdient said an investigation “would show that Trump didn’t actually win the election in 2016.”

“He lost the election, and he was put in office because the Russians interfered on his behalf,” he said.

When Carter was asked if Trump is an illegitimate president, he replied, “[b]ased on what I said, which I can’t retract.”

The former Democrat's remarks came after reporters asked Trump at the G-20 summit in Japan if he’d tell Vladimir Putin to not meddle in future elections.

only last week  carter carter expressed support for trump following his decision to hold strikes against iran © press
Only last week, Carter Carter expressed support for Trump following his decision to hold strikes against Iran

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“Yes, of course, I will,” Mr. Trump said, turning to Mr. Putin smiling:

“Don’t meddle in the election, president. Don’t meddle in the election.”

Only last week, Carter expressed support for Trump following his decision to hold strikes against Iran after the regime struck down a U.S. Navy drone over international waters.

“I agree with President Trump on his decision not to take military action against Iran,” Carter said, according to NPR.

“I had a lot of problems with Iran when I was in office,” the former Democratic president added.

former president s remarks come after trump told putin putin not to meddle in the election at g 20 © press
Former President's remarks come after Trump told Putin Putin not to meddle in the election at G-20

Carter’s supportive remarks come after Trump's decision to stop military response after learning at the last minute after learning previous minute it would cost 150 lives.

Trump said he didn't think he response was appropriate.

“I don’t want to kill 150 Iranians … I don’t want to kill 150 of anything or anybody unless it’s absolutely necessary,” Trump reiterated.

He added, “anything is a lot when they shoot down an unmanned [vehicle].”

Carter shared his view on war, saying he thought most of them were “unnecessary.”

Last week, Iran reportedly shot down one of the United States' $180million spy drones, military officials have confirmed.

But the US denies that the drone was in Iranian airspace, which the Revolutionary Guard has claimed.

Iranian commander Hossein Salam declared they are 'ready for war,' as the downing of the aircraft sent a clear message' to the Americans.

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