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Paris Residents Feel 'Abandoned' by Police as Migrant Crime Soars

Citizens in the 18th arrondissement of Paris live in fear as drug crime and violence rises

 on 26th June 2019 @ 12.00pm
citizens in paris feel they are being neglected by the city s police as violent crimes rates soar © press
Citizens in Paris feel they are being neglected by the city's police as violent crimes rates soar

Citizens living in the 18th arrondissement of Paris, France, say they are living in fear as violence and drug crimes soar in the heavily migrant-populated area.

Residents claim they have been abandoned by authorities, despite promises to increase police presence in the district.

Areas within the district such as La Goutte d’Or have seen a huge spike in violent crime and drug dealing.

Other areas like the Porte de La Chapelle are infamous for large migrant squatter camps and violence.

Residents are expressing their despair at the situation in the district, voicing their concerns at a recent meeting, Paris newspaper Le Parisien reports.

One citizen states that he has lived at the same address for 42 years, but in the past six months there had been a sudden, negative change.

The resident revealed his experience, remarking: “…for six months, we find under our [doormats] drug pills. 

"Young people come to pick them up. I’m getting scared.”

citizens say they feel abandoned as violent crime and drug dealing soars in their areas © press
Citizens say they feel abandoned as violent crime and drug dealing soars in their areas

According to Breitbart, Colombe Brossel, security advisor to Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo, wrote a letter to French Interior Minister Christophe Castaner expressing the views of residents.

“A young woman with a tiny baby looked me in the eye and said: ‘When I get out of the subway, there are 200 meters to go, and I am harassed. I do not want to see my child grow up in this environment’,” Brossel said.

“My teenage daughter is obliged to wear a vest even in summer, not to be insulted,” another resident told Brossel.

Business owners in the area have also grown weary of the rise in crime with some closing their doors.

in february  a moroccan migrant stabbed 8 people in paris  seemingly at random © press
In February, a Moroccan migrant stabbed 8 people in Paris, seemingly at random

Karim Drif shut down his business, which used to belong to his grandmother, saying: “This restaurant was my life, my story…

"But I’m worn out. What do I do when knives fly around customers? 

"When they have lunch on the terrace two meters away from drug traffickers?”

Last year, it was revealed that even leftists have begun to complain about the area, attempting to move their children to schools in other districts rather than “sacrifice” their child to their own multicultural beliefs.

Taxi drivers have also been avoiding driving through the area according to a report from earlier this year, so as not to shock tourists visiting Paris.

“When I really have no choice, I go through the Porte de la Chapelle, but I see that the tourists are not reassured, that they are afraid. Me too…,” one taxi driver said.

"There is a certain aggressiveness of people on the street. 

"It’s not nice for anyone."

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