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Iran Vows to ‘Erase’ Israel ‘from the Face of the Earth’

Top Iranian official declares Iran will put America in 'garbage bin of history'

 on 25th June 2019 @ 12.00pm
iranian supreme leader khamenei s advisor says the country will attack israel if provoked © press
Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei's advisor says the country will attack Israel if provoked

A top Iranian official has declared that Iran will "erase" Israel "from the face of the Earth" if provoked by the US, according to reports.

Former Iranian Minister of Defense General Hossein Dehghan, who is currently an advisor for defense affairs to Iranian Supreme Leader Khamenei, warned that Iran will put America in the "garbage bin of history" should the Trump Administration launch strikes against the country.

Dehghan made the comments on June 20 in an interview on Al-Nujaba TV (Iraq), according to The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

"It has become clear that what is important to the (Americans) is to protect the lives of their soldiers, and the equipment in their bases in the region," Dehghan said.

top advisor general hossein dehghan issued the warning © press
Top advisor General Hossein Dehghan issued the warning

"They know full well that most of those bases are within the range of our missiles, and that our military can totally obliterate those bases," Dehghan said.

"They consider this even before they take into account the lives and property of their allies."

"Trump proved once again that he is merely an agent of his administration’s interests, that a war in this region would not be a walk in the park, that the United States is by no means ready for war, and that is completely understands how strong Iran is," Dehghan continued.

"What we understand from the behavior of the Americans is that they fear very much the break out of a war in the region.

"They are not ready for this, and they cannot assemble an international coalition, because there is no U.N. resolution to begin with.

"They don’t have global legal consensus to do this."

iran has continued to provoke the trump administration through recent attacks © press
Iran has continued to provoke the Trump Administration through recent attacks

"Israel has realized that this war would not be a walk in the park. The flame of this war will move immediately to Israel," Dehghan concluded.

"Israel knows that Iran will erase its entity and uproot it from existence in case of a war.

"In my personal opinion, this war will not take place – not because America does not want war, but because Iran is strong enough to engage in confrontation.

"Iran would achieve a great victory, and America would find itself in the garbage bin of history.

"There would no longer be an Israel on the land of Palestine.

"We would totally erase it from the face of the earth."

Dehghan's remarks come as Iran, the world's leading state sponsor of terrorism, has continued to escalate tensions in the Middle East.

The Iranian regime is believed to be behind the recent attacks on multiple oil tankers and the shooting down of a US military drone.

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