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Sanders: Deporting Illegal Aliens For Breaking the Law is 'Not Appropriate'

2020 hopeful says deportations a sign of worse things to come

 on 24th June 2019 @ 8.00pm
sanders said that it wasn t  appropriate  to target some 2000 undocumented migrants © press
Sanders said that it wasn't 'appropriate' to target some 2000 undocumented migrants

Socialist 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders has said that he believed it was "not appropriate" to deport illegal aliens that have broken the law in the United States. 

Following president Donald Trump's announcement on a significant immigration crackdown, revealing plans for ICE to begin deporting "millions of illegal aliens," Sanders said that it wasn't 'appropriate' to target some 2000 undocumented migrants.

"There are ICE raids set to start Sunday morning. Estimates of some 2000 people or so who will be targeted, is this appropriate?" Margaret Brennan asked Sanders.

"No, it's not," Sanders replied.

"It is absolutely not appropriate."

sanders amongst many democrats criticizing trump s ice raids © press
Sanders amongst many democrats criticizing Trump's ICE raids

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Brennan continued to press Sanders:

But specifically on this point the two thousand that are supposed to be targeted haven't shown up for a court date so essentially they're- they're not following the asylum process.

The legal standards when they're here. So should they be prosecuted, should they be deported?"

Sanders replied:

"I don't- I don't like this deportation thing at all, and I think Trump uses this as a beginning to do worse things to come."

But Trump called off the raids on Saturday, writing:

"I want to give the Democrats every last chance to quickly negotiate simple changes to Asylum and Loopholes."

"This will fix the Southern Border, together with the help that Mexico is now giving us. Probably won’t happen, but worth a try. Two weeks and big Deportation begins!"

But later, it was revealed that the raids might have been suspended due to leaks from within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

alexandria ocasio cortez advised illegal immigrants on evading immigration and customs enforcement  ice  round up © press
Alexandria Ocasio Cortez advised illegal immigrants on evading Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) round-up

"Leaking the locations and details to stop the operation from happening not only harmed operational integrity, but it put the safety and well-being of his own officers in jeopardy," a Trump administration official said.

"The ICE mission is enforcing the nation’s laws and ensuring those who are unlawfully present in the country are removed if ordered by a judge; this will leave an un-erasable mark on his tenure."

On Sunday, Neon Nettle reported that Alexandria Ocasio Cortez advised illegal immigrants on evading Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) round-up, citing a George Soros funded group United We Dream.

“Warning: The Trump admin is expected to begin ICE raids across the country TOMORROW, targeting people for round up,”  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wrote in a post.

The tweet also linked to a tweet by Refugee and Immigrant Center for Education and Legal Services (RAICES), which listed several significant cities where ICE raids were expected to start.

“NOW is the time for us to come together: – Check in w/ your neighbors – Share “Know Your Rights” info – If you see ICE, report to @UNITEDWEDREAM 1-844-363-1423.”

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