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Illegal Immigrants Given 'Ability to Vote' by Obtaining Driver's License in NY

State officials say illegal aliens will likely be able to vote in elections with license

 on 20th June 2019 @ 3.00pm
illegal immigrants will be able to vote in elections after obtaining driver s licenses  according to state officials © press
Illegal immigrants will be able to vote in elections after obtaining driver's licenses, according to state officials

The recent passing of a new law in New York, allowing illegal immigrants to obtain driver's licenses, will also enable them to vote in US elections, according to state officials.

The Democrat-pushed legislation was signed into NY state law this week by Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo on Monday, hours after it passed the state Senate.

The measure allows the 725,000 illegal aliens living in New York to be eligible for driver’s licenses when they reach the legal age.

State officials, including a Democrat state Senator, have warned the law will effectively allow illegal aliens to vote in American elections.

“Theoretically, they could have the ability to vote,” Democrat state Sen. Luis Sepúlvedahe (D) said, according to the New York Post.

the democrat pushed measure was signed into law by gov  andrew cuomo this week © press
The Democrat-pushed measure was signed into law by Gov. Andrew Cuomo this week

In New York, U.S. citizens only need a driver’s license to register to vote, according to Breitbart.

And although applicants are required to swear that they are eligible to vote, state election officials told the Post that “it’s basically an honor system.”

State Senate Minority Leader John Flanagan (R) told the Post:

[A] major concern is that many states, including New York, use their DMVs to enroll voters.
Since New York does not have voter-identification laws like the majority of other states do, this bill increases the potential for voter fraud. [Emphasis added]
This means that New York will soon have the most radical, open-ended law in the entire nation. [Emphasis added]

In California, where illegal aliens are allowed to obtain driver’s licenses as well, voter fraud has become common across the state.

Last year, the state’s Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) admitted that it had registered 1,500 non-eligible voters, including noncitizens, over the course of just six months.

in new york  u s  citizens only need a driver   s license to register to vote © press
In New York, U.S. citizens only need a driver’s license to register to vote

Government Accountability Institute (GAI) research director Eric Eggers told Breitbart News last year that California’s laws giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens and its latest law known as “ballot harvesting” — which allows political operatives to collect voters’ ballots and deliver them to polling stations — is potentially contributing to mass voter fraud across the state.

Though Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo, state Democrats, and the business lobby have helped to pass the driver’s licenses for illegal aliens initiative into New York law, upstate New Yorkers and suburban voters have revolted against the plan.

The latest Siena College poll revealed that a majority of all New York voters, 53 percent, oppose giving driver’s licenses to illegal aliens, including 62 percent of upstate New Yorkers and more than 5-in-10 suburban voters in the state.

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