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CNN Cuts Off Trump Rally After Crowd Chants 'CNN Sucks' - WATCH

President blasts 'fake news' media during Orlando rally, triggering anti-CNN chanting

 on 19th June 2019 @ 1.00pm
president trump branded the media  fake news  causing the crowd to chant  cnn sucks © press
President Trump branded the media 'fake news' causing the crowd to chant 'CNN sucks'

CNN cut off their coverage of President Donald Trump’s huge 2020 reelection rally in Orlando Tuesday evening after the crowd started chanting “CNN Sucks!”

“The fact is the American dream is back and bigger and better and stronger than ever before,” President Trump told his massive audience of supporters.

“As long as you keep this team in place, we have a tremendous way to go,” he continued.

“Our future has never ever looked brighter or sharper.”

Trump explained that 2016 was not “merely another four-year election.”

He said it was a “defining moment in American history” and pointed to the cameras in the back of the arena.

“Ask them right there,” he said of the media.


trump blasted the  fake news  media causing the crowd to chant  cnn sucks © press
Trump blasted the 'fake news' media causing the crowd to chant 'CNN sucks'

When the president pointed to the media, saying, "ask them right there," the crowd booed loudly.

Then the "CNN sucks" chant took hold in the arena, as the president smiled and took a few steps away from the podium to take it all in.

"By the way," Trump said when he got back to the microphone.

"That is a lot of fake news back there. That's a lot."

The crowd erupted in cheers.

"The amount of press we have tonight reminds me of the Academy Awards before it went political and their ratings went down the tubes," Trump continued.

CNN then cut away from Trump's rally speech, less than 10 minutes in, right after his criticism of "fake news" media led to a chant of "CNN sucks" in the arena.

cnn s john berman cut off trump s rally  complaining that he was  attacking the media © press
CNN's John Berman cut off Trump's rally, complaining that he was 'attacking the media'

CNN's John Berman interrupted the broadcast, saying: 

"Within two minutes he did talk about the economy, but within four minutes it was attacks on the media."

The rally was held at Orlando's Amway Center, an arena that seats 20,000.

Fox News producer Matt Leach reported that the arena was mostly full, with the exception of some seats high in the rafters.

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