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Wendy’s Responds to Democrats’ Abortion Push by Promoting Adoption Instead

Fast food chain launches campaign to raise money for orphans

 on 7th June 2019 @ 1.00am
wendy s has launched a campaign to promote adoption © press
Wendy's has launched a campaign to promote adoption

As Democrats continue to push abortion rights and fight pro-life bills, several big corporations have thrown in their support, but fast food chain Wendy's has responded by going down a different route.

A number of large companies has recently shown public support for Planned Parenthood, including Aetna, Clorox, Deutsche Bank, Mondelez International, Nike, Starbucks, United Airlines, and more, according to the Family Council.

In response to Georgia's new "heartbeat" law, Netflix announced that it would be reconsidering filming in the state and employees donated at least $20,000 to Planned Parenthood in May.

Rather than jump on the bandwagon, American restaurant chain Wendy's instead launched a campaign to raise money and awareness for adoption.

Wendy's founder, Dave Thomas, was himself adopted when he was six-weeks-old and, as an adult, became a well-known advocate for adoption, founding the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption before he died in 2002.

wendy s is helping to raise money and awareness for adoption © press
Wendy's is helping to raise money and awareness for adoption

According to The Blaze, through Wendy's Wonderful Kids — a program belonging to The Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption — children who belong to a group considered "more difficult-to-place" are given a leg up in achieving adoption.

That group includes those children who are "older, have special needs, or are part of a sibling group."

These kids are able to engage with the Wonderful Kids program to "find loving homes using evidence-based, child-focused methods."

Wendy's kicked off a new initiative in May called the Cause Cups, which will feature a Snapcode that allows consumers to donate $5 to the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption through a simple and efficient click of their smart device.

Live Action reported that the foundation hopes to bring the Wendy's Wonderful Kids program to all 50 states by 2028.

democrats have been fighting the recent surge in pro life laws © press
Democrats have been fighting the recent surge in pro-life laws

Wendy's CEO Rita Soronen told Columbus Monthly that the key to being able to place the children in stable forever homes is to know the children.

"At the core is knowing that child," she said.

"When you give a caseworker time to really work a case, you will find an adoptive family for these children."

Catholic Connect shared a post on Instagram promoting Wendy's initiative, which featured one of the Cause Cups. 

Catholic Connection's Instagram account captioned the photo, "INSTEAD of supporting the sick for-profit abortion industry of Planned Parenthood THIS is what big corporations should be doing for America. Bravo @wendys."

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