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Witnesses Back Trump, Refute 'Crazy' Pelosi's 'Temper Tantrum' Claims

President says Nancy Pelosi 'has lost it' as meeting attendees confirm he was 'calm'

 on 24th May 2019 @ 3.00pm
witnesses from the meeting recounted their own version of the events  which run counter to pelosi s claims © press
Witnesses from the meeting recounted their own version of the events, which run counter to Pelosi's claims

A Thursday press conference with Donald Trump turned into an impromptu hearing, as questions from the media drifted to Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's claims that the president threw a "temper tantrum" when he called off a Wednesday meeting.

Several top aides stepped forward during the presser to recount their own version of the events, with all of them supporting President Trump's version that he was "calm" while refuting claims by Pelosi and House Majority Leader Chuck Schumer that he was "yelling," "banging his fist on the table" or "throwing a temper tantrum."

Tensions between Trump and establishment Democrats exploded Wednesday on Capitol Hill after the president abruptly walked out of an infrastructure meeting at the White House with Pelosi and Schumer - the two most powerful Dems in Congress.

Just hours before the start of the meeting, Pelosi publicly made unfounded allegations that the president was engaging in a “cover-up” relating the Russia investigation.

Those claims from the speaker came following a morning meeting with House Democrats, at which Pelosi reportedly declared that President Trump “wants to be impeached,” according to The Washington Post.

Predictably, Pelosi and Schumer — dutifully echoed by their comrades in the establishment media — painted a picture of an enraged and mentally unbalanced president throwing a “temper tantrum” as he called off the meeting.

in her weekly press meet  pelosi called on trump s family to stage an  intervention © press
In her weekly press meet, Pelosi called on Trump's family to stage an 'intervention'

But Pelosi and Schumer's version may not be the real story of what transpired, as was revealed Thursday, not only by Trump himself, but by several of his top aides who were present at the abruptly canceled meeting.

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, strategic communications director Mercedes Schlapp, chief economic adviser Larry Kudlow and press secretary Sarah Sanders all supported Trump's version and disputed the Pelosi-Schumer claims, according to Politico.

According to Western Journal, what began as an announcement in the Roosevelt Room of the White House about a $16 billion aid package for farmers soon turned into a free-wheeling impromptu news conference.

It didn’t take long before the events of the previous day came up in the discussion.

Trump insisted that he remained calm and polite throughout the brief ordeal, and called upon his aides to back him up by sharing their own recollections of what occurred.

“Very calm. No tamper tantrum,” Conway said of Trump’s demeanor during the meeting.

She proceeded to excoriate the supposedly “facts-first” media for the blatant “lie” they helped perpetuate that the president had raged at the Democrat leaders.

Trump then turned to Schlapp and asked for her take on the meeting.

“You were very calm and you were very direct,” Schlapp said.

She also noted how “discouraging” she found it that Pelosi had made her incendiary comments right before the meeting but still thought a constructive discussion could happen.

trump blasted democrats on wednesday over their  phony investigations  into him © press
Trump blasted Democrats on Wednesday over their 'phony investigations' into him

Trump later turned to Kudlow and asked a similar question.

“You were very calm and you laid out your case,” Kudlow replied.

Kudlow pointed out that neither of the Democrats had said anything and added, to great laughter, that Trump had been “much calmer than [at] some of our trade meetings.”

The president then called upon Sanders and asked if he had been “screaming and ranting and raving” as the media had reported.

Sanders chuckled and responded that his tone had been “very calm.”

“I’ve seen both, and this was definitely not angry or ranting,” she said.

“Very calm and straightforward and clear that we have to actually get to work and do good things for the American people,” she continued.

“And it’s going to be impossible to do that if we’re spending all of our time-fighting.”

Following her response, Trump recalled a prior incident in which the same thing had allegedly occurred — a White House meeting on border security that was purportedly cut short after an angry outburst by the president.

Trump called upon deputy press secretary Hogan Gidley, who was at the second meeting Trump had referred to.

Much like his colleagues, Gidley shared an account of that earlier meeting that disputed the narrative set by Pelosi, Schumer, and the media.

There is no disputing that Trump is unconventional and has a tendency to buck tradition, which isn’t always a bad thing.

In this case, he used the opportunity provided by the farm aid media conference to forcefully push back against the false media reports and narrative of the day before, something no other president in recent history is likely to have done.

This is actually what transparency looks like, and once again, Trump has outsmarted and outmaneuvered his chief congressional rivals — Pelosi and Schumer — by publicly undermining their evidence-free accusations against him, even using the biased media covering the event to serve his own purposes in doing so.

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