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Joe Biden Quizzed on Child Molestation Claims by Grandson

Democratic 2020 hopeful's grandson asked about internet meme of him grabbing a child

 on 7th May 2019 @ 5.00pm
joe biden says his grandson hunter asked him about an internet meme that featured this image from his son s funeral © press
Joe Biden says his grandson Hunter asked him about an internet meme that featured this image from his son's funeral

Democratic 2020 hopeful Joe Biden says his grandson recently quizzed him about child molestation claims after he saw an internet meme that showed an image his grandfather seemingly grabbing a young boy.

The child depicted in the meme was actually Biden's grandson, Hunter, and was taken at the funeral for the former vice president's son, Beau, who died in 2015.

“‘Pop, you have to run pop',” Biden claims his grandson Hunter told him after seeing the meme showing his grandfather clutching him at Beau Biden’s funeral.

“'Pop it says: Look at Biden molesting a kid',” Biden recollected about the meme, quoting his grandson.

Biden recalled the story during a South Carolina fundraising event with reporters present, according to reports.

"This guy [Trump] is going to go after me and my family,” Biden said at the fundraiser in Columbia.

images of joe biden with children have become a staple for internet memes © press
Images of Joe Biden with children have become a staple for internet memes

According to Breitbart, the photo he was referring to was a cropped photo from the Associated Press of Biden clutching and speaking to Hunter at the 2015 funeral for his son Beau.

The meme tries to capitalize on other photos on the Internet of Biden touching children and making them feel uncomfortable.

Biden said he relayed the story to show supporters that both he and his family were aware of how Trump could attack the Biden family during the 2020 election, but he spoke in detail about a conversation he had with his grandson Hunter.

joe biden s grandson hunter asked him about the claims made in the memes © press
Joe Biden's grandson Hunter asked him about the claims made in the memes

Biden’s grandson Hunter is the son of Hunter Biden, who divorced his wife in 2007 and had an affair with his dead brother Beau Biden’s widow.

The couple broke up, however, shortly after Biden announced his presidential campaign.

Biden said that his grandson was gravely aware of the story, which is why he had to run for president.

“Pop I know it’s going to be mean, they’re going to say bad things about daddy,” Biden continued, saying that he was quoting his grandson.

“Mommy and Daddy had a divorce and they’re going to really go after that.”

Biden elicited sympathy from the crowd as he related the story.

“My generic point is they know how tough it’s going to be,” he said, referring to his family.

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