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Mueller 'Deeply Disturbed' By Pelosi's Claims That Barr 'Lied' to Congress

Report claims Robert Mueller wants to 'testify and correct the record as soon as possible'

 on 4th May 2019 @ 6.00pm
mueller has reportedly disputed pelosi s claims that ag barr  lied  to congress © press
Mueller has reportedly disputed Pelosi's claims that AG Barr 'lied' to Congress

Following claims from Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi that Attorney General William Barr "lied" under oath during his congressional testimony, Robert Mueller has reportedly said he is "deeply disturbed" by the allegation.

Pelosi accused AG Bill Barr on Thursday of committing "a crime" by misleading Congress while testifying.

Speaker Pelosi claimed that "arrogant" Barr was "misrepresenting and withholding the truth" during the hearing but didn't refer to any specific part of his testimony or statements he made under oath.

On Thursday, during a press conference, Pelosi accused the attorney general of disrespecting the Constitution because of "ties" to President Donald Trump, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell, and special interest groups.

Pelosi said the Democratic-controlled House Judiciary Committee will decide how to proceed when asked if Barr should go to jail.

attorney general william barr gave his congressional testimony on wednesday © press
Attorney General William Barr gave his congressional testimony on Wednesday

“When you see Barr sitting there, what’s his motivation?” Pelosi asked.

"His motivation, his loyalty, is not to his oath of office, and it is to Donald Trump — but all of it, and the Republicans in Congress is to the special interests."

In response to Pelosi's remarks, Department of Justice spokesperson Kerri Kupec said:

“Speaker Pelosi’s baseless attack on the attorney general is reckless, irresponsible, and false.”

In a surprising twist, OANN reporter Jack Posobiec stated on Friday that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is deeply disturbed by Speaker Pelosi’s accusations.

Posobiec reports that Mueller is urging Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) to push up his hearing so he can "correct the record" about the allegations.

The House Judiciary Committee has subpoenaed the full, unredacted Mueller report; and Chairman Nadler said he may issue a subpoena for Barr to appear before the committee, something he refused to do on Thursday.

jack posobiec says that robert mueller is  deeply disturbed  by nancy pelosi   s accusations © press
Jack Posobiec says that Robert Mueller is 'deeply disturbed' by Nancy Pelosi’s accusations

Pelosi complained about Republicans frustrating the Democrat legislative agenda, and she gave her own view of Wednesday's hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee:

"His sitting there in that arrogance," Pelosi said of Barr.

"I don't care about your pre-existing condition.

"I care about the special interests in our country. That was the message of Barr.

"So the connecting of the dots between Mitch Mcconnell, the Republican agenda, and Congress, such as it is, the special interest agenda fueled by dark special interest money, that's what that hearing was about.

"It wasn't about technicalities. It wasn't about who wrote the letter and how he characterized the letter. That's interesting.

"But what is deadly serious about it is the attorney general of the United States of America was not telling the truth to the Congress of the United States. That's a crime."

Pressed on her use of the word crime, Pelosi elaborated: "He lied to Congress.

"Nobody is above the law, not the president of the United States and not the attorney general.

"Being the attorney general does not give you a badge to say whatever you want and it is the fact because you are the attorney general."

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