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Over 80 Percent of Somali Migrants on Welfare in Switzerland, New Data Shows

Several migrant groups at rates over 50 percent for state hand-out dependency

 on 2nd May 2019 @ 12.00pm
new data shows 80 percent of somali migrants in switzerland are on welfare © press
New data shows 80 percent of Somali migrants in Switzerland are on welfare

More than 80 percent of the Somali migrant population in Switzerland is on taxpayer-funded welfare, according to new data.

The data was gathered and released by both the Federal Statistical Office and the State Secretariat for Migration.

The figures show several migrant groups of different national origins have state handout dependency rates far exceeding 50 percent.

report by 20 Minutes reveals that the country's 4,000 or so immigrants from Somalia are by far the most prone to being on Swiss government benefits with 83.7 percent relying on an income from the state.

While figures show that Somalis are way out in front as the largest recipients of welfare, several other foreign nationals also have rates of over 50 percent.

The report reveals that 54.7 percent of Eritreans are on welfare with Angolans at a 54 percent dependency rate.

damian mà ller of the swiss liberals says refugees must take responsibility for themselves © press
Damian Müller of the Swiss Liberals says refugees must take responsibility for themselves

According to the Breitbart, the statistics greatly contrast with the number of Swiss nationals on welfare, which stands at a mere 2.3 percent of the population.

Japanese nationals were the lowest of all, however, with only 0.6 percent taking government handouts.

Damian Müller of the Swiss Liberals (FDP) said that the figures show that both far too many asylum seekers not qualified for asylum were living on state handouts and that not enough was being done to integrate those with refugee status into the Swiss economy.

“Integration is not a one-way street,” he insisted, adding, “refugees are [also] responsible.”

Bachir Gobdon of the Somali Diaspora association attributed some of the blame for the high rates of welfare in the Somali community to the average family size, saying, “For example, they work in the hospitality industry, where wages are low. 

"A family that has seven children, for example, cannot live on it.”

migrants protest to fight deportation © press
Migrants protest to fight deportation

The statistics resemble those in other countries like Sweden, where the jobless rate for migrants is much higher than the rate for native Swedes.

Figures released last summer showed that while Swedes had a rate of only 3.6 percent unemployment, while the figure for migrants was 19.9 percent.

In Germany, a report from the German Federal Employment Agency last year revealed that more than half of those on the Hartz IV welfare programme were migrants.

The report shows migrant welfare recipients increasing by 69 percent since 2010 while Germans on welfare declined by 20 percent.

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