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Italy Increases Police Observation of Islamic Cultural Centers

Populist leader Salvini outlines plans to tackle extremism following recent attacks

 on 27th April 2019 @ 12.00pm
italian interior minister salvini outlined his proposal to tackle islamic extremism in italy © press
Italian Interior Minister Salvini outlined his proposal to tackle Islamic extremism in Italy

Italy's populist leader Matteo Salvini has outlined plans to tackle Islamist extremism, including a move to increase police observation of Islamic cultural centers.

Italian Interior Minister Salvini outlined proposals for security services to do more to protect citizens from the heightened risk of attack.

The move comes in the wake of the Sri Lanka bombings on Easter Sunday that left hundreds of Christian worshippers dead and many more injured.

During a press conference this week at the Interior Ministry, Salvini made his case for increased security measures, highlighting the recent attacks.

Salvini demanded that Italians receive more clarity on the extremist elements within the Islamic community, Il Giornale reports.

salvini highlighted the recent sri lanka attacks and a stabbing in rome © press
Salvini highlighted the recent Sri Lanka attacks and a stabbing in Rome

According to Breitbart, the populist League party leader also singled out an incident that occurred in Rome this week in which a Muslim migrant had stabbed a homeless Georgian man on a bus after noticing his crucifix necklace.

The North African migrant allegedly shouted that the victim was "Italian" and a "Catholic" after seeing the jewelry, before stabbing him with a kitchen knife and attempting to cut his throat, according to witness reports.

“Rome does not deserve certain scenes,” Salvini said in reference to the incident and added that it did need more security.

“According to the data of the updated census of Islamic presences in Italy to date there are 1,382 Islamic cultural associations, of which 1,068 are also used as a place for prayer,” Salvini said.

“Obviously it is full of good people but there are also realities underlined by the police to identify the presence of fanatics and extremists,” Mr. Salvini added.

One of the proposed measures will see police and security services take more time to find out what is being preached inside mosques and cultural centers.

Law enforcers will aim to have better control over forms of extremism and avoid radical hate preaching.

The populist Italian coalition government has already been particularly effective at combatting terrorist plots and has led Europe in the number of deportations of migrant jihadists.

the recent attacks on christian worshippers in sri lanka left hundreds dead © press
The recent attacks on Christian worshippers in Sri Lanka left hundreds dead

In January, police also managed to bust a migrant smuggling network of 15 individuals believed to have been facilitating the illegal entry of Islamic jihadists into Italy.

Earlier this month, a Moroccan migrant and an Italian Islamic convert were arrested by police in northern Italy after they were caught exchanging messages with each other about plotting terror attacks.

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