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Russian Media Mocks Democrat 'Meltdown' Over No Collusion in Mueller Report

Russia's news outlets describe Robert Mueller's report release as 'lackluster'

 on 23rd April 2019 @ 12.00am
russian media mocks the liberal us media and democrats  saying they are  out for blood © press
Russian media mocks the liberal US media and Democrats, saying they are 'out for blood'

Following last week's public release of the highly-anticipated report on Robert Mueller's Russia probe, Russian news outlets have widely mocked the US liberal media and Democrats' "meltdown" over the investigation finding no evidence of collusion from President Donald Trump, or anyone else on his campaign.

Describing the Mueller report as "lackluster," many of Russia's media outlets panned the Democratic Party, citing the results from the probe as evidence the Dems were "out for blood" after losing the 2016 election.

In an NBC News article about Russia's reaction to the Mueller report, journalist Ben Popken whines about how Russian headlines are "repeating President Donald Trump and Attorney General William Barr’s 'no collusion' lines," suggesting it's due to them coming from "state-funded" outlets.

After the Mueller report was released, Russian media and its personalities took a keen interest in the findings, echoing much of the sentiment typically expressed outside the Democratic realm.

Most of the headlines from Russian media declared that the Mueller report was a “hoax and a farce” that had found “no evidence” and “no collusion” to support the “unsubstantiated” “Russiagate” and contained “nothing new.”

“It is America that is looking forward to the report’s release, but we aren’t,” Russian President Vladimir Putin's press secretary Dmitry Peskov told TASS.

“We have more interesting and important things to do."

russian media has taken a keen interest in the mueller report © press
Russian media has taken a keen interest in the Mueller report

Since the completed report was delivered on March 22, 2019, to Attorney General William Barr, Russia's state media has been heavily dominated by the verdict of Robert Mueller's probe, with news channels making an issue out of the amount of money spent on it and gloating at its findings.

Two days after the report was delivered, a summary of Mueller's long-awaited investigation released in a four-page letter to Congress by Barr.

The 22-month-long investigation found that the Trump campaign had not conspired with Russia.

Commenting on the Mueller report after Barr's announcement, Peskov recalled the words attributed to Confucius, saying "it's hard to find a black cat in a dark room, especially if it's not there."

"Much ado about nothing," said state-controlled Channel One TV, pointing out that the probe "lasted not a month and not a year and cost US taxpayers millions of dollars."

According to the BBC, pro-Kremlin Ren TV said at the time it was "as if icy water had been thrown on Democrats who ordered the investigation."

It wondered how the Democrats would be able to "look into the eyes of ordinary Americans" after 25 million dollars of taxpayers' money "turned into a dry four-page report."

"They were searching really hard, but found nothing," said state Rossiya 1 TV, adding that the taxpayers' money "was spent for the mountain to bring forth a mouse."

But it pointed out that President Trump's opponents were still keen to prosecute either him or those who found themselves "under Mueller's surveillance."

Gazprom Media-owned NTV said: "As of now, the main outcome of Mueller's work is reminiscent of a regular mantra from Mr. Trump's Twitter feed: 'there was no collusion, the president is not guilty'."

Popular Channel One show "Time Will Tell" showed a clip, which it jokingly presented as "exclusive footage," with people dancing in Indian clothes with Trump's smiling face superimposed on one of them to illustrate the US president's emotions about the outcome of the Mueller probe.

democrats behind the russia probe have become an international laughing stock © press
Democrats behind the Russia probe have become an international laughing stock

'Show must go on'

Pundit Andrei Sushentsov said in a comment to heavyweight daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta:

"Rational people should ask themselves a question: if during the two years of the probe no facts were found to accuse the president of betraying national interests and colluding with other states, wasn't this two-year campaign just ordinary hysterics on the part of the president's opponents?"

State daily Rossiyskaya Gazeta noted in an article headlined "Mueller and emptiness" that "the information bomb on the so-called Russian trace in Trump's election campaign has not exploded and promised sensations have not happened."

"Mueller, who has become a household name in the US, has put not a point but an ellipsis," the paper added, "making the country wait for news about his report more anxiously that if it was a forecast about the strength of a new storm.

"The show must go on."

That sentiment was echoed by Ren TV.

"No matter what, it is clear: the show will go on," it said.

"According to experts, the failure of Mueller's probe will give Trump all chances to successfully run for a second presidential term," the show determined.

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