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Ocasio-Cortez Gets Shredded By 8-Year-Old in Hilarious Viral Video: WATCH

Young impersonator takes internet by storm with uncanny resemblance to AOC

 on 21st April 2019 @ 2.00pm
8 year old ava martinez shreds alexandria ocasio cortez with a hilarious impression © press
8-year-old Ava Martinez shreds Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez with a hilarious impression

An 8-year-old girl has shredded Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) in a new viral video, as the young impersonator's uncanny resemblance to the socialist congresswoman has taken the Internet by storm.

Dumbing down her own understanding of economics to match Ocasio-Cortez's level, the young "AOC mini-me" nails her impersonation as she discusses the New York lawmaker's hot-topics such as Climate Change and socialism.

“Like, I want to talk about, like, Climate Change,” Ava Martinez says in the video uploaded to Twitter this week.

"Because, like, there’s no doubt cow farts are making the climate change."

“Like, in July, the climate was 96 degrees and in February the climate was 36 degrees.

"OMG, like that’s a huge change in the climate in only” - she pauses and counts on her fingers - “four months!”

“At this rate, the world is going to end in exactly 12 years," adds Ava, who is sporting red lipstick and AOC-style glasses.

8 year old ava martinez has perfected her impression of alexandria ocasio cortez  with hilarious results © press
8-year-old Ava Martinez has perfected her impression of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, with hilarious results

According to the Daily Mail, little Ava Martinez, from Rancho Santa Margarita, California, soared to social media stardom on Thursday after her stepdad Salvatore Schachter uploaded a video of her adorable imitation to Twitter.

Having been viewed more than 750,000 times, Schachter says he’s been inundated with messages from viewers insisting Ava is the spitting image of the 29-year-old congressional freshman in the amusing skit.

"Her timing and delivery were spot on. Pure gold," wrote one user.

"You can close your eyes and swear you are listening to the actual person," another added.


young ava martinez wore red lipstick and glasses to perfect her  aoc mini me  look © press
Young Ava Martinez wore red lipstick and glasses to perfect her 'AOC mini-me' look

According to the New York Post, stepdad Salvatore Schachter posted the vid Thursday via his Twitter handle @SickenLaw.

Since then, it’s been viewed nearly 750,000 times and garnered thousands of shares.

“I thought it would gain attention, because she’s adorable, but not like this,” the proud parent said.

Schachter told The Post he’d previously noticed the resemblance between Ava and AOC.

After a family member started calling the girl “Little AOC,” he asked her if she wanted to do the video.

“She loves acting,” Schachter said, noting that she and her brother like to post their own videos to YouTube.

“She’s just a natural performer.”

She did not, however, know who Ocasio-Cortez was before she made the video, which touches on another subject near to the Bronx congresswoman’s heart.

“I also want to talk about socialism because socialism is so amazing,” the girl gushes.

“Like, socialism is actually short for social media.

"I do social media, so I’m a socialist.”

Ocasio-Cortez has yet to react to here doppelganger’s performance.

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