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Pelosi and Schumer Demand Robert Mueller Testifies Before Congress

Democratic leaders call for congressional hearing over Russia probe report release

 on 19th April 2019 @ 3.00pm
nancy pelosi and chuck schumer have called for robert mueller to testify before congress © press
Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have called for Robert Mueller to testify before Congress

Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have demanded that Robert Mueller testifies before Congress, regarding the special counsel's report on the Russia probe, after it concluded that President Donald Trump and his campaign didn't collude with Russians.

During a Thursday press conference ahead of the report's public release, Attorney General William Barr again reiterated that the Mueller report determines there was "no collusion."

Barr stated that the 22-month-long investigation found zero evidence that any Americans had concluded with Russia to manipulate the 2016 presidential election.

Unsatisfied with the conclusion, Pelosi and Schumer are accusing AG Barr of attempting "to spin the report" in a bid to protect President Trump.

“Attorney General [William] Barr’s regrettably partisan handling of the Mueller report, including his slanted March 24th summary letter, his irresponsible testimony before Congress last week, and his indefensible plan to spin the report in a press conference later this morning — hours before he allows the public or Congress to see it — have resulted in a crisis of confidence in his independence and impartiality,” the statement said.

pelosi and schumer demand that robert mueller testifies before congress © press
Pelosi and Schumer demand that Robert Mueller testifies before Congress

According to Breitbart, Democrats and the media pushed the narrative that Attorney General Barr was somehow trying to set up a narrative for the report’s release by holding a press conference ahead of time.

And while the Democrats repeatedly have called for Mueller and his more than two-year investigation to be protected they now see him and the attorney general as not being transparent about what it found.

“Congressional Democrats have already authorized a subpoena for the full, unredacted report and underlying evidence,” CNN reported. 

“Rep. Madeleine Dean, a Democratic member of the House Judiciary Committee, also said on CNN’s ‘New Day’ that she’s ‘confident’ the committee will subpoena Mueller and Barr, though the attorney general will testify next month before the Senate and House Judiciary Committees about the report.”


during a thursday press conference  attorney general william barr made it clear that there was no collusion © press
During a Thursday press conference, Attorney General William Barr made it clear that there was no collusion

Pelosi and Schumer's call was echoed by Democratic House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who posted to Twitter a copy of a letter to Mueller requesting testimony in front of the committee "as soon as possible" and "no later than May 23, 2019."

Nadler said, "even in its incomplete form, the Mueller report outlines disturbing evidence that President Trump engaged in obstruction of justice and other misconduct."

At a news conference, Nadler said that impeachment is "one possibility" that Democrats will attempt to use against the president.

"We obviously have to get to the bottom of what happened and take whatever action seems necessary at that time," said Nadler.

The Department of Justice said on Wednesday it would release two versions of the report: one for the general public and another for certain members of Congress, CNN reported.

Read the full report here.

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