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Ex-Transgender: Encouraging Children to Change Gender is 'Child Abuse'

Walt Heyer warns of dangers from affirming wrong gender to children

 on 9th April 2019 @ 12.00pm
ex transgender walt heyer warns that affirming the wrong gender to children amounts to child abuse © press
Ex-Transgender Walt Heyer warns that affirming the wrong gender to children amounts to child abuse

Walt Heyer, a former transgender who spent eight years living as a woman, has spoken out against the rise in trans children to warn parents about the dangers of affirming the wrong gender to a child.

Heyer is warning that encouraging a child to identify as a gender other than their biological sex is a form of "child abuse."

Speaking during a panel discussion at the Heritage Foundation last Thursday, Mr. Heyer said that he was led down a path of confusion about his own identity after his grandmother gave him a purple chiffon dress and told him how beautiful he looked in it when he was a young boy.

That is child abuse,” Heyer declared to the audience.

“We need to be calling it what it is.

"It’s not affirming a child. It’s causing them to be depressed and anxious about who they are.”

“I think it’s important for us to realize that there is nothing good about affirming a young boy at four years old like my grandma did me,” he said.

“The only reason I am able to speak to you today is because, after 46 years dealing with this issue, I was able to de-transition in 1990 after I had psychotherapy, the very same psychotherapy [transgender activists] are trying to prevent people from having.

"Why? Because they don’t want them to de-transition,” he said.

ex transgender walt heyer lived as a woman for eight years before de transitioning back to his biological sex © press
Ex-transgender Walt Heyer lived as a woman for eight years before de-transitioning back to his biological sex

According to Breitbart, the LGBT lobby is adamant in their opposition to any sort of “conversion therapy,” despite the testimony of numerous individuals who have benefited from it.

Walt Heyer, now 78 years old and married to his wife for 22 years, tells a grim autobiographical story of abuse and gender confusion, sexual reassignment surgery, a short respite from anxiety, and eventually deep regret at his decision.

“Changing genders is short-term gain with long-term pain,” Heyer has written.

“Its consequences include early mortality, regret, mental illness, and suicide.”

Incorrectly diagnosed and pressured into a sex-change operation in 1983, Heyer is especially sensitive to the plight of the many young people who are confused about their own sexuality and receive mixed messages from a society very eager for them to take steps that can never be undone.

Heyer is the founder of an organization called Sex Change Regret and says he is hearing from many people who are living similar experiences.

“We get letters from parents or the transgenders themselves asking for help, after they’ve lived the life like I did for five, six, 15, 18, 20, all the way up to 30 years,” he said.

“And they are saying ‘Walt, can you help me de-transition. This was the biggest mistake of my life.’”

the mother of 11 year old desmond napoles was visited by cps after reports her son was dancing in a gay bar for adult men © press
The mother of 11-year-old Desmond Napoles was visited by CPS after reports her son was dancing in a gay bar for adult men

Children need help sorting through their confusion, not being confirmed in it, Heyer says.

Their body is not the problem and they should not be led to believe it is.

“We are manufacturing transgender kids,” he said.

“We are manufacturing their depression, their anxiety, and it has turned into a huge industry that people are profiting from after kids’ lives are completely torn apart,” he said.

“It’s really beyond my understanding why we are even having this discussion because it shouldn’t be happening,” he said.

"I don’t believe any doctor who injects a young person with hormone blockers should have a license to do so."

Research suggests that many of those who suffer from gender dysphoria do so as a result of sexual abuse, thinking that by changing genders they will protect themselves from more abuse, he said.

“Boys who were abused at a young age come to the conclusion that the only way they can prevent themselves from being sexually abused again is to cut off their genitalia and become females,” he said.

“In their mind that is their defense mechanism for sexual abuse.”

“Girls who were sexually abused want to be men as a way to fend off any intruder or sexual abuser so they will no longer be attractive for sexual abuse,” he added.

“We’re ruining an entire generation of young people, and it’s serious business,” he said.

"I’m not pulling any punches anymore. And you shouldn’t either."

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