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All Known Pedophiles Named & Shamed in Australia's New Sex Offender Register

Public register shows names, alias, photos and 'general nature' of crimes against children

 on 3rd April 2019 @ 12.00pm
every pedophile in australia will be exposed by the government s new sex offender register © press
Every pedophile in Australia will be exposed by the government's new sex offender register

Every known pedophile in Australia will be named and shamed in the government's new national child sex offenders register that aims to warn citizens about potential risks to their own children.

The Australian Government will expose the names, aliases, photos and the nature of their crimes against children in the "publicly available" registry, federal officials have announced.

To help parents better identify child abusers, the register will also include detailed information such as offenders' date of birth, their physical description, and the "general location and nature" of their offending, budget documents revealed.

The announcement, led by Home Affairs minister Peter Dutton who spearheaded the move, will likely please child safety advocates.

The measure may also raise concerns about people taking vigilante action against offenders.

As Mr. Dutton states, however, the priority is to protect children rather than ensure the safety of criminals.

The announcement follows recent reports that Australian authorities are "losing track" of the country's 17,000 known pedophiles.

A lot of the registered sex offenders in the country are right under the noses of unsuspecting parents as they are located near daycare centers, schools, public parks, and swimming pools.

But only a fraction of the worst offenders is monitored by police due to diminishing resources.

Just one officer is responsible for monitoring 100 convicted child sex offenders in parts of New South Wales.

police struggle to keep track of australia s thousands of convicted pedophiles © press
Police struggle to keep track of Australia's thousands of convicted pedophiles

According to the Daily Mail, budget papers make it clear the register will be "publicly available" and hosted by the secretive national crime-fighting body, the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC). 

Police agencies in every state and territory will provide, vet and manage the information included on the $7.8 million register.

"Protection of our most vulnerable – our children – remains one of the highest priorities of the Morrison government," Mr. Dutton said in a statement. 

The Budget papers don't specify what the rules would be for perpetrators whose victims would be identified if they were named - such as mums and dads who abuse their children. 

The papers also do not elaborate on what crimes would land offenders on the register. 

For instance, former A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack was convicted of a child pornography charge, but not physical offenses against children.

It's not known whether that sort of offending - he expressed he was a 'proud ped' - would land a person on the register.

Mr. Dutton has previously floated the idea of a child sex offender registry but said the government would consult with the states.

But the register was announced as a funding commitment in the second budget paper on Tuesday evening.

A police source said he was "very concerned" about the announcement, and wondered how the government will compel the states and territories to join the scheme.

former a current affair reporter ben mccormack describes himself as a  proud ped © press
Former A Current Affair reporter Ben McCormack describes himself as a 'proud ped'

Child advocates Bravehearts opposed the proposal when Mr. Dutton suggested the measure in January, branding it a political stunt.

Founder Hetty Johnston said: "The bottom line is that all dangerous and repeat sex offenders should not be on a register, they should be in jail.

"No offender should be released until the risk they pose is of a level that can be managed in the community.

"A register will not keep children safe." 

But Mr. Dutton said: "It will send a clear message that Australia will not tolerate individuals preying on the most vulnerable members of the community - our children."

The sex offenders register is likely to become another issue dividing the parties at the coming election. 

Labor has previously said any changes must be "evidence-based and effective." 

The Federal party has pointed out former prime minister Tony Abbott once ruled out the measure. 

"It would be good to know what has changed since then," a spokesperson told the ABC.

Budget papers also revealed the government will set up a national museum and memorial for victims and survivors of institutional child sexual abuse. 

It will provide $2.5 million to consult stakeholders on potential options and form of a "national museum or memorial."

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