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Italy’s Leader Calls for Rapists to Be Castrated

Matteo Salvini responds to rape of American teenager in Sicily, demands 'castration'

 on 29th March 2019 @ 12.00pm
italy s leader matteo salvini has called for the men suspected of raping an american teenager to be castrated © press
Italy's leader Matteo Salvini has called for the men suspected of raping an American teenager to be castrated

Italy's hardline leader Matteo Salvini has demanded "guaranteed jail time and chemically castration" for the three men suspected of raping an American teenager if they are convicted.

“No leniency for the molesting worms who raped a tourist in Catania,” Salvini tweeted.

“Guaranteed jail time and chemical castration!”

The no-nonsense Italian interior minister was referring to a case concerning three Sicilian men who are accused of gang-raping an 18-year-old American woman in the city of Catania earlier this month.

the three suspects are accused of raping an american teenager in sicily © press
The three suspects are accused of raping an American teenager in Sicily

After they were identified from videos filmed throughout the evening on the group’s phones, the suspects, reported to be aged between 19 and 20, were arrested last week.

The alleged victim had been working as an au pair for a local family for three months.

According to the unnamed teen, she met the men in a bar on the evening of March 15th and, on the pretext of going to another bar together, was forced into a car and drove to a remote area where they took turns sexually assaulting her.

Phone records published in the Italian press reveal that the woman repeatedly attempted to call the emergency services using the local number 112 and even 911, the US equivalent, during the two hours she was allegedly in the car, but the men cut off her calls.

The suspects allegedly filmed the abuse and records show they even contacted the woman on social media the following day to ask if she would meet with them again.

She reported the attack to the Italian police later that day.

italian citizens in rome call for an end to violence against women in italy © press
Italian citizens in Rome call for an end to violence against women in Italy

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According to The Telegraph, the suspects were named as Roberto Mirabella, 20, Agatino Spampinato, 19, and Salvatore Castrogiovanni, 19.

All three men deny the charges. 

The American, who had been working in Catania for three months, has left Italy and flown home to the United States, according to her lawyer, Mirella Viscuso.

She would have to either return to Italy for the trial of her alleged attackers or provide testimony from the US, the lawyer said.

Mr. Salvini has called for chemical castration for rapists and pedophiles in the past, both as interior minister and before the general election last March, when he was on the campaign trail.

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