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Steve Bannon: NO Democrat Capable of Beating President Trump in 2020

Former White House advisor says Hillary Clinton will be waiting in the 'bull pen'

 on 28th March 2019 @ 3.00pm
former white house advisor steve bannon says no democrat can beat trump in 2020 © press
Former White House advisor Steve Bannon says no Democrat can beat Trump in 2020

Former White House advisor Steve Bannon has declared that the Democrats don't have a candidate capable of beating Presdient Donald Trump in the 2020 election.

Speaking with CNN's Anderson Cooper on Wednesday, Trump's former counsel said that Hillary Clinton will be waiting in the "bull pen" as the Democratic challenger to the president.

Bannon has previously predicted that 2019 would be the most "vitriolic year since the Civil War in politics."

Mr. Bannon, also the former executive chairman of Breitbart News, says Trump will go "full animal" into the 2020 race, now that the Mueller report is out and found no evidence of collusion between the president and Russia. 

"I don't really see a real challenge right now," Bannon said from Rome during a lengthy interview with Cooper. 

"In the field, I've seen so far, I don't know anybody that can hit a fastball like Donald Trump can throw."

He went on to say he’s sure Trump has the upcoming election in the bag. 

Bannon dismissed the frenzy around former Vice President Joe Biden who's been toying with a White House bid but is yet to officially announce one.

He says Biden's highest peak in the presidential race will be the day he announces a campaign.

steve bannon told cnn s anderson cooper that hillary clinton will be waiting in the  bull pen  for the democrats © press
Steve Bannon told CNN's Anderson Cooper that Hillary Clinton will be waiting in the 'bull pen' for the Democrats

According to the Daily Mail, Bannon also added that Hillary Clinton will be "in the bullpen waiting" and ready to run if there's not a star candidate in the Democratic pack by autumn.

Trump's former chief strategist went on to say that now that the president's name is more or less cleared following the Special Counsel investigation - Trump will be more aggressive than ever in his political agenda and battle with the media. 

"I think the president’s going to be very aggressive… I think the work of the country, particularly the work he had, particularly internationally, was kind of slowed down because of some of the hysteria around this investigation, not the investigation," Bannon said.

"I do think the year is going to be very vitriolic and I think we’re going to have to just work through this but I think the President of the United States, and I think rightfully so, that Donald Trump is going to be very aggressive in pushing back in what I think he believes is media hysteria around the investigation," Bannon added. 

He went on to slam the controversy, allegations, and investigations into the president – urging opponents to try and beat him in the ballot in 2020 instead of slandering his name.

"I just think its time – all these other investigations about his finances and stuff, I think the American people are eventually gonna say hey look you're grasping the straws here," he said. 

"I think Nancy Pelosi said this the other day: Go beat him at the ballot box in 2020.

"If you think 'Orange Man, Bad' then get organized, get out there and do the kind of effort you did in 2018 and defeat him the way we have it in the United States.

"If you want to win, win at the ballot box, don’t use some form of investigative apparatus to do that," he added. 

Finally addressing the Russia controversy, Bannon swatted away the election meddling allegations as "total marginalia."

He went on to commend Trump for being cooperative in Mueller's investigation and promptly handing over the required documents and information. 

When Cooper asked Trump's former chief strategist, "You don’t believe Russians interfered in the election?" he replied, "No. it was complete, total marginalia.

"It's another over-hyped part of what I call the hoax."

president trump seems like an unstoppable force for 2020 © press
President Trump seems like an unstoppable force for 2020

He clarified saying there may have been some emails on the margins of the election and some deals with Facebook ads, but nothing more.

"I don’t think Trump is trying to undermine any American institutions," Bannon echoed, adding that the report's lack of an exoneration line was a "cheap shot." 

Following the probes into the president, Bannon is now calling for a "Church Commission-like" investigation to be launched to look into the FBI and CIA’s actions that led to Mueller’s appointment and scrutiny of Trump.

"We have some big problems," he said.

"I think we have to, in a bipartisan way, look at what the start of these investigations, particularly the start of the Trump thing and I think really seriously question some of the FBI counterintelligence, some of the CIA, and maybe even some of foreign intelligence services and I think this is for the good of the country."

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