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Migrant Baby Dies After Parents Botch Circumcision at Home

Infant boy suffers cardiac arrest due to botched procedure without medical assistance

 on 25th March 2019 @ 12.00pm
a group of shiite muslims gather in mourning © press
A group of Shiite Muslims gather in mourning

A five-month-old baby boy has died after his parents botched a circumcision procedure at home without medical assistance.

The infant boy went into cardiac arrest at home in Bologna, Italy, as a result of his mother and father allegedly removing his foreskin.

The child was airlifted to a nearby hospital on Friday afternoon but was pronounced dead later that night, according to local sources.

The parents, reported to be African migrants, are now being held on manslaughter charges with the boy scheduled to undergo a post-mortem examination.

italy has taken a hardline approach to mass migration in the country © press
Italy has taken a hardline approach to mass-migration in the country

The baby boy’s death follows that of a two-year-old who died of severe blood loss in December in Rome after a botched home circumcision.

In that case, his twin brother almost died too, but luckily survived following intensive care treatment.

Among Italy’s Roman Catholic majority, circumcision is not practiced.

Many migrants in Italy are Muslim and practice circumcision for religious and cultural reasons, but can have trouble accessing the practice in hospitals.

The hospital costs are too high for some.

In some Italian hospitals, doctors may also refuse to perform circumcisions until boys reach the age of four or older.

Foad Aodi, the founder of the association of foreign doctors in Italy (AMSI), has appealed to health authorities to allow circumcisions at affordable prices and to lower the age of access to help fight clandestine attempts at circumcisions.

For many in Italy, however, accommodating different cultures is not the answer, as a growing number of citizens calls for a crackdown on mass-migration to the country.

italy   s populist leader  matteo salvini has taken a stand against mass immigration © press
Italy’s populist leader, Matteo Salvini has taken a stand against mass-immigration

Italy’s populist leader, Matteo Salvini, has recently continued his hardline approach to unwanted migrants in his country by deporting over 1,500 from a refugee camp in Reggio before bulldozing the site.

Earlier this month, Italian police removed around 1,592 migrants from the camp before flattening the shanty town where they were living.

Nationalist Salvini said the elimination of the migrant camp “finally erased one of the most shameful slums in Italy, where degradation, lawlessness, and exploitation proliferated.”

In Italy, Salvini has become synonymous with the “ruspa” or bulldozer after promising to clean up the country.

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