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New Yorkers Reject Democrat Push to Give Illegal Immigrants Driver's Licenses

NY state voters overwhelmingly oppose plans to give docs to illegals, poll shows

 on 19th March 2019 @ 1.00am
most new yorkers oppose giving driver s licenses to illegal immigrants © press
Most New Yorkers oppose giving driver's licenses to illegal immigrants

New York state voters overwhelmingly oppose the recent push by Democrats to give driver's licenses to illegal immigrants, a new poll shows.

The majority of New Yorkers rejected the idea of issuing driving permits to undocumented residents, according to a newly released Siena College poll.

Of the total NY voting citizens polled, sixty-one percent say they believe non-citizens should not receive driver’s licenses from the US Government.

49 percent of Democrats support providing driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, while 84 percent of Republicans and 71 percent of Independents oppose such a policy.

“Overwhelmingly, Republicans and Independents, upstaters and downstate suburbanites, oppose allowing undocumented immigrants to get driver’s licenses,” Siena Research’s Steven Greenberg said.

"Democrats and New York City voters are closely divided on the issue.

“White voters strongly oppose; black and Latino voters support it by small margins.”

Neon Nettle recently reported on the push by Wisconsin's Democratic Governor Tony Evers, who laid out plans to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses and ID cards during his Biennial Budget Address.

The new push for illegal aliens was one of a number of new proposals outlined by the newly elected Democrat in his budget, that are not directly related to money.

The liberal new gov's push would make illegals eligible for driver's licenses and state IDs, which would then pave the way for them to legally purchase guns and qualify for other benefits normally reserved for legal citizens.

wisconsin s democratic governor tony evers recently laid out plans to give illegal immigrants driver s licenses © press
Wisconsin's Democratic Governor Tony Evers recently laid out plans to give illegal immigrants driver's licenses

New York’s WGRZ TV conducted their own poll last year when New York State Democrat lawmakers pushed for licenses for illegal immigrants and their viewers overwhelmingly opposed it.

According to the Daily Caller, Siena’s numbers were released one month after immigrant advocate groups did another push for driver’s licenses for illegal immigrants now that Democrats have the majority of both chambers in the New York State legislature.

In 2017, a bill that would have allowed licenses to illegal immigrants was filed in the lower chamber by Democratic Assemblyman Francisco Moya, but the legislation died in the state Senate, which was controlled by the Republicans at the time.

New York State Comptroller Scott Stringer is an advocate for the measure.

“For many of us, a driver’s license is nothing more than a piece of plastic tucked in between our credit cards, but for undocumented immigrants it means better job opportunities, a safe way to get your child to school, and to the hospital in an emergency – all without fear of deportation during a routine traffic stop,” Stringer said at a rally with Fiscal Policy Institute (FPI) officials in Manhattan last month, according to The New York Post.

new yorkers rejected the democrats push for giving illegal immigrants driver s licenses © press
New Yorkers rejected the Democrats push for giving illegal immigrants driver's licenses

Stringer and FPI pointed to reports that showed the state would rack up extra money totaling $9.6 million through additional driver’s license fees.

The new Siena poll, however, shows a majority of New York State voters don’t like the leftward direction the New York State is going in, either.

Just 36 percent say that the Empire State is not moving too far to the political left, while 51 percent says the state is moving too politically leftward.

“While Democrats disagree, a strong majority of independents and an overwhelming majority of Republicans say that Democratic control of the governor’s mansion and both houses of the legislature are moving the state too far to the left,” Greenberg said.

“Two-thirds of voters — including a majority of Democrats — say that Democratic control of the state makes it harder for businesses to be successful.”

This Siena College Poll was conducted between March 10-14 by telephone calls conducted in English to 700 New York State registered voters.

It has an overall margin of error of +4.2 percentage points.

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