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Triggered: CNN Loses it Over Trump Hugging American Flag at CPAC

News outlet brands the President 'flag hugger-in-chief' in segment

 on 6th March 2019 @ 9.15pm
cnn then proceed to compare trump s expression of love for america as a  grope © press
CNN then proceed to compare Trump's expression of love for America as a 'grope'

News outlet CNN aired a segment dedicated to Donald Trump following Erin Burnett’s show on Tuesday in which they branded him “flag hugger-in-chief” in response to him hugging the American flag at Conservative Political Action Conference ( (CPAC) in Maryland. 

CNN then proceed to compare Trump's expression of love for America as a "grope." 

“Ever since the flag hugger-in-chief did this the other day — the president holding and murmuring sweet nothings to the stars and stripes has led to strife,” Jeanne Moos stated.

stephen colbert   s show mocked trump with a commercial for people who are  physically attracted to flags © press
Stephen Colbert’s show mocked Trump with a commercial for people who are 'physically attracted to flags.

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“But one man’s grope is another’s patriotic caress of old glory, which the White House glorified, by tweeting a photo captioned ‘America!’ And Donald Trump Jr. Instagrammed, ‘Oh hell yes.'”

Moos moved to read tweets in favor of the hug from unverified Twitter users.

The segment suddenly cut to a clip of Stephen Colbert’s show from Monday in which he mocked Trump with a commercial for people who are “physically attracted to flags."

CNN then aired a clip from Jimmy Kimmel’s show about Trump’s embrace.

last augusts cnn saw its cable ratings plummet  according to nielsen media research © press
Last Augusts CNN saw its cable ratings plummet, according to Nielsen Media Research.

Moos concluded:

In real life, you can buy actually vinyl stickers of the presidential flag embrace as well as posters.

But some would rather unsee it. Someone else turned it into a sail that’s capsizing a boat.

Critics pointed out that President Trump isn’t the only flag loving leader.

That’s Venezuela’s former leader Hugo Chavez planting a smooch on his flag. Snuggling with the stars and strikes is nothing new.

President Trump is a serial flag hugger.

He’s done it around half a dozen times. But at least he’s consistent.

He only locks his arms around the American flag.

CNN's competitors, Fox News, and MSNBC overtook them, with FNC finishing first in the average primetime viewer and more than doubled CNN’s primetime ratings.

Fox News reached 2.18 million primetime viewers, MSNBC finished 2nd with 1.75 million, but CNN viewing figures fell below the one million marks with 992,000 average viewers for the week.

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