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World's Youngest Leader Begins Deporting Migrants from Refugee Camps

Austrian government converts 'refugee centers' into 'departure centers'

 on 6th March 2019 @ 12.00pm
austrian chancellor sebastian kurz s government is taking a hardline approach to mass migration © press
Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz's government is taking a hardline approach to mass migration

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the world's youngest leader, has begun converting refugee reception centers into “departure centers” as the country prepares to deport migrants from Austria.

At the end of last year, Kurz ordered the closing of seven mosques and began deporting “radical” imams back to their homeland under his government's hardline approach to mass immigration and Islamic extremism.

According to Kurz’s Interior Minister Herbert Kickl, the new “departure centers” will give migrants advice on how to return to the country from which they came.

The centers will also be responsible for carefully checking the identities of people applying for asylum.

We will study the trip routes of the newcomers and, of course, predict the potential threat from them, cooperating with the police and, when necessary, with experts from the regional and federal agencies for the protection of the constitution and the fight against terrorism,” Kickl said in a statement.

refugee reception centers are being converted into migrant departure centers © press
Refugee reception centers are being converted into migrant departure centers

The minister made it clear that the real goal of the move is to dissuade people from applying for asylum in Austria.

Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, the youngest world leader, has ordered the closing of seven mosques and has begun deporting “radical” imams back to their homelands due to violations of a recent Austrian law that bans “political Islam”.

Parallel societies, politicized Islam or radical tendencies have no place in our country,” Mr. Kurz said at a press conference announcing the measures in Vienna last year while railing against the disastrous consequences of multiculturalism in Western Europe.

Kurz believes Muslims should adapt to Austria's culture and be willing to integrate into society if they are to stay in the country.

If they form a “parallel society” and start preaching “political Islam“, identity politics and divisiveness, they will be expelled from Austria.

migrants turn violent in slovenia after being refused entry at the austrian border © press
Migrants turn violent in Slovenia after being refused entry at the Austrian border

Since taking office last year, Sebastian Kurz’s government has been investigating Muslim organizations suspected of violating the country’s 2015 Islam law.

The law aims to prevent any conflict between “thinking of oneself as a pious Muslim and proud Austrian citizen at the same time,” by regulating operations of the Islamic community.

Two imams have already received deportation orders, and another 60 are under investigation and could face expulsion along with their entire family, Herbert Kickl, the Austrian interior minister, said.

32-year-old Sebastian Kurz, who claimed victory in Austria’s general election in 2017, is making good on his promise to reject the European Union’s globalist directives regarding Muslim immigration.

European countries have been experiencing a severe migration crisis since 2015 due to the influx of thousands of migrants and refugees, fleeing poverty in the Middle East and North Africa.

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