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President Trump Shreds John Podesta: The Internet Lights Up

Trump torches Hillary's campaign manager over 'getting his a*s kicked' in 2016

 on 5th March 2019 @ 1.00am
john podesta was at the receiving end of of a classic trump blast at cpac © press
John Podesta was at the receiving end of of a classic Trump blast at CPAC

Presdient Donald Trump shredded Hillary Clinton's former campaign manager John Podesta at CPAC over the weekend, and the Internet lit up with delight.

Podesta was at the receiving end of one of Trump's classic public body-slams as he took aim at some of his long-time political foes.

Trump unloaded on Podesta while describing the moment he decided to fire disgraced former FBI Director James Comey.

“Comey should be fired. Or worse, if possible. Every Republican said, everybody," Trump recalled.

The president then goes on to describe how he discussed the decision with First Lady Melania Trump.

“In fact, when I fired Comey, I said you know, First Lady, I said Melania, I’m doing something today, I’m doing it because it really has to be done,” he said.

trump took aim at john podesta and fired © press
Trump took aim at John Podesta and fired

“He is bad. He’s a bad, he’s a bad, bad guy, it’s been proven now with all of the e-mails,” he said.

“I am doing something that has to be done."

"But you know the good news? It’s going to be bipartisan,” he predicted at the time.

“It is going to be so popular, it’s going to be bipartisan.

"Every Democrat hates him. Every Republican hates him,” he said.

“He did a horrible job at the FBI," he continued.

"Speak to the real agents, the real people, because the people in the FBI are incredible people, not the sleaze on top,” Trump said.

“And I said the First Lady, I said, but you know the good news? The good news is that this is going to be so bipartisan. Everyone’s going to love it,” he said.

trump said he couldn t think of anyone who said john podesta was  doing a good job  © press
Trump said he couldn't think of anyone who said John Podesta was 'doing a good job.'

“So we fired Comey, and Schumer, who called for his resignation many times …

"Podesta, I believe that day, because he still hasn’t gotten over getting his ass kicked, okay, I believe that day called for his resignation,” he said.

“Podesta, the great genius of campaigns, he called for the resignation …

"I can’t think of anybody who said ‘he’s doing a good job,’” he said.

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