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Ocasio-Cortez Accuses Trump of Taking Republicans ‘Hostage’

AOC vows to vote 'yes' to impeach President Trump if situation arises

 on 28th February 2019 @ 5.00pm
alexandria ocasio cortez claims president trump has republicans in a  hostage situation © press
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims President Trump has Republicans in a 'hostage situation'

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has lashed out at President Donald Trump, claiming Republicans only support him because he has taken them "hostage."

During an interview with Rolling Stone magazine published Wednesday, the Congresswoman also vowed to support impeachment proceedings against the president, should the situation arise, saying she would vote "yes" on such a move - "no question."

The freshman rep said GOP members of Congress are no longer "in the realm of politics" because they are being held in a "hostage situation" by President Trump, which she claims is "an unacceptable position."

"There are a lot of Republicans that know what the right thing to do is — not just on impeachment but on a wide range of issues — and they refuse to speak up," AOC told the former-music magazine-turned-left-wing news outlet.

ocasio cortez grilled michael cohen on trump s taxes after vowing to support impeachment proceedings against the president © press
Ocasio-Cortez grilled Michael Cohen on Trump's taxes after vowing to support impeachment proceedings against the president

According to Fox News, members of Congress who vote with the president, she argued, despite saying they don't share his views, need to be held responsible.

"The problem is that if they vote the same way, what does it matter?" she asked Rolling Stone.

"I don’t care what’s in your heart if how you are voting is the same as someone who is actually racist.

"At the end of the day, they think that their intentions are gonna save them, but the actual decisions you make matter.

"I am tired of people saying, 'I’m gonna vote the same way as bigots, but I don’t share the ideology of bigots.'

"Well, you share the action and the agenda of bigots. We need to hold that accountable."

One of the youngest women elected to Congress, Ocasio-Cortez said that without question, she would vote to impeach the president.

"I don’t even know why it’s controversial. I mean, OK, it’s not that I don’t know why it’s controversial," she said. 

"I understand that some people come from very tough districts where their constituents are torn.

"But for me and my community in the Bronx and Queens, it’s easy."

the fec received a complaint that ocasio cortez may have illegally funneled campaign funds to her boyfriend riley roberts © press
The FEC received a complaint that Ocasio-Cortez may have illegally funneled campaign funds to her boyfriend Riley Roberts

On the same day as the leftist fluff piece in Rolling Stone was published, the Federal Election Commission received a complaint that Ocasio-Cortez allegedly funneled thousands of dollars in illegal payments to her boyfriend, Riley Roberts, through an allied PAC.

The complaint to the FEC was filed by Members of the Washington, D.C.-based Republican group Coolidge Reagan Foundation alleging finance fraud by Ocasio-Cortez's election campaign.

It was reported by Neon Nettle last week that the Brand New Congress PAC paid Roberts during the early days of the Ocasio-Cortez campaign. 

According to FEC records, the PAC made two payments to Roberts – one in August 2017 and one in September 2017 – both for $3,000.

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