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Michael Cohen Admits He Spoke with Key Democrats Ahead of House Testimony

President Trump's former lawyer asked if he prepared his testimony with Democratic Party

 on 28th February 2019 @ 1.00am
michael cohen admitted during questioning that he spoke with key democrats before testifying © press
Michael Cohen admitted during questioning that he spoke with key Democrats before testifying

Presdient Donald Trump's former lawyer Michael Cohen admitted during his testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee on Wednesday that he spoke with Democratic Reps. Elijah Cummings and Adam Schiff ahead of the hearing.

Cohen confessed that he spoke with key Democrats during a tense exchange between Cohen and Rep. Jody Hice, R-Ga.

The president’s former attorney said that his legal team has spoken to Dems after being asked whether he prepared his statement with members of the Democratic Party ahead of his Wednesday testimony on Capitol Hill.

"We've spoken to the party," Cohen said.

He added that he has also spoken with Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, "and his people" but added that he only consulted with his lawyers to prepare for the hearing.

He stated that he also spoke with Cummings who is chairman of the House oversight committee that held Wednesday's hearing.

jim jordan accused michael cohen of turning on trump after not getting the job he wanted © press
Jim Jordan accused Michael Cohen of turning on Trump after not getting the job he wanted

According to Fox News, while it is standard practice for witnesses testifying before Congress – and their lawyers – to talk beforehand with the heads of committees holding the hearings, Republicans already had complained about Cohen's interactions with the panel.

There were also complaints that Cohen didn't turn over testimony and evidence until hours before the hearing's start.

Republicans also sought to undermine his credibility by noting his criminal record of lying and fraud.

"Here's the point, the chairman just gave you a 30-minute opening statement and you have a history of lying over and over and over again and frankly don't take my word for it, take what the court said," Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, the ranking Republican on the committee, said.

“Cohen did crimes marked by a pattern of deception and that permeated his professional life."

cohen admitted he spoke with democratic reps  elijah cummings and adam schiff ahead of his testimony © press
Cohen admitted he spoke with Democratic Reps. Elijah Cummings and Adam Schiff ahead of his testimony

Cohen asserted that he was not persuaded by Democrats to testify, saying he was on Capitol Hill “voluntarily” and “It was my decision.”

Cohen testified that the job of everyone who works at the Trump Organization was to protect Trump.

"Every day most of us knew we were coming in and we were going to lie for him on something and that became the norm and that's exactly what's happening right now in this country and what's happening here in the government,” he said.

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