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Rapper ‘Identifies as a Woman,’ Destroys Women’s Weightlifting Records

Watch British rapper Zuby troll leftists with gender identity experiment

 on 27th February 2019 @ 3.00pm
british rapper zuby beat women s weightlifting records while  identifying as a woman © press
British rapper Zuby beat women's weightlifting records while 'identifying as a woman'

British rapper Zuby trolled leftists on social media by conducting a gender identity experiment to highlight the unfair advantage transgender athletes have in women's sports.

To challenge the new liberal idea that there are no inherent gender differences between born-male and born-female athletes, Zuby filmed a live weightlifting demonstration where he broke the British women's deadlift record while "identifying as a woman."

"I keep hearing about how biological men don't have any physical strength advantage over women in 2019," Zuby tweeted.

The music star was referring to a series of recent articles insisting that there are no biological differences between men and women that should keep male-to-female transgender individuals from competing against natural-born women in athletic events.

"So watch me DESTROY the British Women's deadlift record without trying."


zuby assured his followers he was  identifying as a woman  while attempting the record © press
Zuby assured his followers he was 'identifying as a woman' while attempting the record

Zuby assured his viewers that everything was fine because, he was personally identifying as a woman while he was deadlifting, making him eligible to challenge the women's record.

"Don't be a bigot," he added.

He succeeded.


According to the Daily Wire, he beat the record so easily, in fact, that while he was at it, he tried for another: The women's bench press record.

And, after that, the women's squat record.

"May as well," the rapper tweeted, "to fight bigotry."

The bench press record fell immediately.

Zuby, "identifying as a woman," was able to surpass the best female British athlete by a wide margin, and he was able to do it, as he put it, while looking "strong, stunning, and brave" — just as Serena Williams described female athletes in a confusing Nike commercial, promoting female athletes competing against men, that aired during the Academy Awards.

zuby felt emboldened by smashing the women s deadlifting record  so continued to break more weightlifting records © press
Zuby felt emboldened by smashing the women's deadlifting record, so continued to break more weightlifting records

Once successful, Zuby took on his detractors, assuring them that his experiment was all in the service of feminism.

He even took on critics who insisted that it was self-evident that men are more capable at lifting heavy weights than women.

When one "expert" on international competition challenged Zuby based on Olympic regulations, which demand a lower-than-10-nanomoles level of testosterone for 12 months prior to competition for male-to-female transgender individuals to compete in a global contest, Zuby simply retorted that his critic was challenging what he felt in his heart to be true.

When asked why he didn't celebrate his victory by jumping up and down like a true girl, Zuby said, plainly, that he didn't want to gender stereotype.

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