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Maxine Waters Calls for Nationwide Anti-Trump Protests: 'He Loves Putin'

Democrats urges Americans to rally against president's 'fake emergency powers'

 on 17th February 2019 @ 4.00pm
democrat congresswoman maxine waters called for citizens to protest against trump because  he loves putin © press
Democrat Congresswoman Maxine Waters called for citizens to protest against Trump because 'he loves putin'

During a live TV interview, California Democrat Maxine Waters called on American citizens to hold nationwide protests against President Donald Trump, claiming that he's using "fake emergency powers," before declaring that "he loves Putin."

"It's time for everybody to stand up," the Democratic congresswoman told MSNBC's Chris Hayes. 

"All hands on deck to refuse this president these fake emergency powers that he would like to have.

"And so I'm urging everybody get together —rally in every community across this country all this weekend, send a message to Washington, D.C., 'No, Mr. President, we're not going allow you to do this.'"


Waters was speaking in response to Trump's Friday declaration of a national emergency along the US Southern Border, in a move to secure more money for his long-promised wall.

trump s wall was unpopular among those in the early morning queue for spec savers © press
Trump's wall was unpopular among those in the early morning queue for Spec Savers

According to the Daily Mail, since 1979, there have been 58 national emergency declarations, and 31 are still in effect, including a 1996 measure regulating boat traffic near Cuba.

Every president since 1976 has declared multiple national emergencies during their presidencies:

  • Carter: 2
  • Reagan: 6
  • H.W. Bush: 4
  • Clinton: 17
  • W. Bush: 12
  • Obama: 13
  • Trump: 3

Speaking with Hayes, Waters predicted that even Trump's supporters would find his emergency declaration a bridge too far.

"I really expect we're going to have a growing number of Republicans that are going to join with us in this disapproval," she said.

"Yes, they're concerned if a Democratic president gets elected then they can use emergency powers to do a lot of the things they don't like."

She also reiterated her call for Trump's impeachment.

"This president has committed obstruction of justice right before our very eyes," she said.

"He is dishonorable. He does not deserve to be president of the United States."

Waters said that Trump "loves Putin" and that "they conspired to get Trump elected" so that Russia could "drill into the Arctic."

As of Sunday, it was unclear whether Waters had inspired Americans across the nation to take to the streets in protests. 

On Friday night, there were protests outside of the Trump International Hotel & Tower in Manhattan, which bears the President's name but is owned by other investors.

Protesters outside the Columbus Circle hotel held signs with slogans such as "Abolish I.C.E." and "Trump Is The Emergency."

Several people were arrested, but the NYPD wasn't immediately able to say how many people were taken into custody. 

Videos show protesters going peacefully with their hands zip-tied behind their backs as officers lead them to police vans.

They'll likely be charged with disorderly conduct and blocking traffic.

small protests took place in new york but maxine waters  nationwide protests have yet to materialize © press
Small protests took place in New York but Maxine Waters' nationwide protests have yet to materialize

Court battles are anticipated over the emergency declaration, which Trump predicted his administration would successfully defend before the Supreme Court.

The American Civil Liberties Union announced its intention to sue less than an hour after the White House released the text of Trump's declaration.

Nonprofit watchdog group Public Citizen filed suit later, urging the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia to "bar Trump and the U.S. Department of Defense from using the declaration and funds appropriated for other purposes to build a border wall."

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and several Democratic state attorneys general already have said they might go to court. 

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