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Maxine Waters Tied To Antifa Leader Charged with Assault for Attacking Marines

Alcoff was charged in January with offenses including multiple counts aggravated assault

 on 11th February 2019 @ 8.00pm
alcoff was charged in january with offenses including multiple counts aggravated assault © press
Alcoff was charged in January with offenses including multiple counts aggravated assault

It has been revealed that Antifa leader Joseph “Jose” Alcoff who is facing charges for aggravated assault and ethnic intimidation of two Marines, has strong links to key Democrats including House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman Maxine Waters and Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio. 

Alcoff was charged in late January with offenses including conspiracy and terroristic threats, multiple counts aggravated assault and one count of robbery while inflicting severe bodily injury. 

Alcoff has pleaded not guilty

But Democratic officials are now scrambling to distance themselves from the Antifa leader, who was up until recently a highly connected political player in Washington.

the antifa leader also participated in congressional democratic press conferences © press
The Antifa leader also participated in congressional Democratic press conferences

It is also believed that he may have influenced key policy proposals.

Several congressional Democrats issued a press release with Alcoff's endorsement quote in February 2018.

The Antifa leader also participated in congressional Democratic press conferences and was a guest on a House Democratic podcast.

He also met with senior officials at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau from 2016 through 2018.

Alcoff is also seen pictured with Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and ranking Democrat on the Senate Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs Committee Sen. Sherrod Brown of Ohio.

Both of those committees oversee the financial regulatory policies advocated by the Alcoff.

According to the Washington Free Beacon, Alcoff met with then CFPB Director Richard Cordray and senior CFPB officials in 2016, again in March and May in 2017.

During these meetings, it was reported he was an Antifa leader in Washington.

Alcoff’s former employer said: “As of December, Mr. Alcoff no longer works for AFR,” Spokesman for Americans for Financial Reform, Carter Dougherty told Fox News.

According to various reports, Alcoff was also an organizer for Smash Racism DC, the group that shouted threats outside the home of Fox News host Tucker Carlson in November and for heckling Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas at a Washington, DC restaurant.

Democrats are doing their best to remove any association with Alcoff now.

alcoff is also seen pictured with maxine waters  d calif  amongst other high ranking democrats © press
Alcoff is also seen pictured with Maxine Waters, D-Calif. amongst other high ranking Democrats

According to Fox News: In one appearance, Alcoff dressed up as “Lenny the Loan Shark” at an event last March held outside the CFPB headquarters, which featured Rep. Don Beyer, D-Va.

“The congressman has never interacted with him nor has he taken any financial policy advice from him. Their names have appeared on the same piece of paper,” Beyer spokesman Aaron Fritschner told Fox News.

“He appeared at the same press conference, but they didn’t speak to each other. This person was literally wearing a shark outfit.”

In the February 2018 press statement, House and Senate Democrats co-sponsoring the Stopping Abuse and Fraud in Electronic (SAFE) Lending Act, which boosted regulation on payday lenders, issued versions of a press release, most including the Alcoff quote.

“The Consumer Bureau and Congress have in the past understood the way that payday lenders structure loans to catch Americans in a cycle of debt with exorbitant interest rates,” Alcoff said in the press releases.

“It is unfortunate that some in Washington would rather open the loan shark gates than continue to think about sensible borrower protections. The SAFE Lending Act would put Washington back on track to stop the debt trap.”

In August, Alcoff was a guest on the House Democrats' Joint Economic Committee podcast, criticizing the decline of the CFPB under the Trump administration.

“It’s been an incredible kind of erosion [Trump administration actions] recently, but these are really, really important basic functions [CFPB’s mission] that people across the country should be able to look to Washington and expect,” Alcoff said on the podcast.

In connection with the subsequent attack in Philadelphia, the two Hispanic Marines said the Antifa mob of about 10 or 12 attackers shouted racial slurs during the beating.

Only three from the mob were identified and arrested. The attack happened at the same time as a right-wing rally in Philadelphia, which Antifa showed up to protest.

The Marines who were assaulted said they were not even aware of the rally.

“On one side, you have the Proud Boys, a racist group of Nazi thugs. On the other side, you have anti-racist activists,” Alcoff’s lawyer Michael Coard told Philadelphia Magazine.

“Unfortunately, in the mix, there were two Marines who were caught up in the whole thing as innocent bystanders.”

Coard, an African American activist in Philadelphia, also told the magazine regarding the alleged slurs, “The question that I have for the D.A.’s office and the police is this: Does anybody think that I, Michael Coard, would represent a racist? … I would never represent a racist. In fact, if I believed that he was a racist, I would prosecute him myself.”

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