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Democrats Accused of ‘Child Sacrifices’ Over Pro-Abortion Push

Missouri Republican freshman Josh Hawley condemns abortion and infanticide

 on 8th February 2019 @ 1.00am
missouri republican josh hawley takes a stand against abortion and infanticide © press
Missouri Republican Josh Hawley takes a stand against abortion and infanticide

Democrats have been accused of promoting "child sacrifices" due to their recent push for late-term abortion.

New York's Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo recently signed a bill into state law that will allow for a baby to be aborted right up until the moment of birth.

While several other Dems have been pushing similar laws in other states, embattled Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam recently promoted the idea of leaving born-alive babies to die if the mother decides after giving birth that she doesn't want the child.

President Donald Trump even addressed the issue during his historic State of the Union address on Tuesday night, saying that "lawmakers cheered with delight" as NY passed the legislation.

the world reeled in horror as democratic gov  andrew cuomo signed the new  up to birth  abortion bill into new york state law © press
The world reeled in horror as Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the new 'up to birth' abortion bill into New York state law

According to Western Journal, not all of our lawmakers have bowed to the false god of leftist "progress."

On Feb. 4, Missouri Republican Josh Hawley, the freshman senator who defeated former Sen. Claire McCaskill in November, took a stand on the Senate floor against this march of progressivism and delivered a fiery speech condemning abortion and infanticide.

Hawley spoke in support of legislation introduced by Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse that would “ensure that health care providers would treat babies born alive after failed abortion attempts with the same care they would treat any other baby born at the same stage of pregnancy.”

The freshman senator blasted Democrats for making such legislation necessary.

“It is hard to fathom the extremism of politicians in New York and now Virginia who would deny the protections of law to the most vulnerable members of our society — the innocent unborn — and allow them to be aborted, all them to be killed right up to the moment of birth.”

“It is hard to comprehend statements like those of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam who said if he had his way infants who survived abortion attempts would be delivered and ‘kept comfortable’ — that’s his phrase — while the doctor and the parents decided her fate.”

“Is this really what it has come to in the United States? Is this really the vision of today’s Democratic Party?” he continued.

This cruel and unjust practice of the powerful ruling over the weak, Hawley noted, is common throughout recorded history.

Hawley highlighted the ancient Greeks and their spartan views of humanity, a worldview that saw most people as slaves. Roman pagans, he noted, took a similar route.

“The strong ruled. Most lives they thought didn’t matter.

"This has been the general rule of the ages. The Aztecs, Maya, Inca, all practiced child sacrifice.

"Archaeologists recently discovered a burial ground … where more than 140 children were dismembered in a ritual of sacrifice.”

“And so it has gone down through the years. The strong prey upon the weak. The few rule the many. Individual lives don’t count.”

nebraska sen  ben sasse is pushing to  ensure that health care providers would treat babies born alive after failed abortion attempts © press
Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse is pushing to 'ensure that health care providers would treat babies born alive after failed abortion attempts'

America, he said, was built on a very different belief.

“We here in the United States of America hold to a different conviction. Our Constitution was written — the whole edifice of American liberty depends on a very different belief — a belief as simple as it is powerful — that every life matters,” he said.

“We believe … that every person has dignity and worth, worth that is not given to them by the strong or the rich.

"That does not come to them from the state or the city.

"That does not depend on place of birth or social status. But is theirs by right of who they are: human beings created in the image of the living God.”

Hawley isn’t building a border wall.

He’s not negotiating a pay raise for overseas soldiers, and there’s no talk of supporting American workers.

But don’t be fooled — this is what making America great again looks like.

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