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CNN Forced To Report Americans Overwhelmingly Approve Of Trump's Speech

Three out of four viewers approved of the President's speech

 on 6th February 2019 @ 11.00pm
three out of four viewers approved of the president s speech © press
Three out of four viewers approved of the President's speech

According to polls from various news networks President Donald Trump's State Of The Union Speech yesterday has won the approval of the majority of Americans.

Three out of four viewers approved of the speech, which translates into the same number agreeing with Trump's issues on immigration and foreign policy.

As well as running 'fact checking' pieces on the President's speech, both CNN and CBS News conducted surveys finding that more than three-quarters of viewers approved of Trump's big speech.

president donald trump s state of the union speech yesterday has won the approval of the americans © press
President Donald Trump's State Of The Union Speech yesterday has won the approval of the Americans.

CNN Political Director David Chalian broke the news that a massive 76% of viewers that watched Trump's speech approved of it. 

But seemingly unable to handle facts and figures, Chalian began suggesting that more Republicans watched the speech than Democrats.

"So I just want to stress here for a state of the Union address, the president's president's partisans, his supporters tend to turn out to watch the speech," Chalian said on air Tuesday night.

"This is true of a president of either party. Tonight we saw a heavily skewed Republican audience turn out to watch the president's speech."

Chalian was then forced to get to the numbers:

"But look at this. A very positive reaction from those who watched the speech tonight. 59% very positive. 17% somewhat positive. 23% negative. I want you to see that very positive number, how that compares to Donald Trump's performances in the last couple of years when he has given a speech to a joint session of Congress like this."

viewers overwhelmingly agreed with trump s biggest agenda items © press
Viewers overwhelmingly agreed with Trump's biggest agenda items

"You'll see that he was again at 59%. He was down at 48% very positive a year ago. Back when he first started the job, and he addressed the Congress, he was at 57%. So he is back up. ... This is a speech-watching audience that was more receptive this year than last year what they saw."

Getting passed acknowledging something positive about Trump's speech, Chalian started on the negatives:

"Here's the rub. Even this very favorable audience to Donald Trump does not believe his call for bipartisanship is going to meet with success," said Chalian.

"Take a look. Will Donald Trump increase bipartisan cooperation? A majority of speech watchers, again, a heavily Republican audience, 53% say no. 39% say yes. So all that talk of bipartisanship seems to be being met by with the people who watch the speech by a healthy dose of skepticism ..."

According to the DailyWire: After interviewing 1,472 viewers, CBS News revealed that 76% of those who watched approved of the speech, with just 24% disapproving.

CBS found that 97% of Republicans approved of Trump's speech, as did 30% of Democrats, and a remarkable 82% of independents.

Viewers overwhelmingly agreed with Trump's biggest agenda items: 72% of viewers agreed with him on the need to reform immigration, 71% agreed that we are indeed facing a crisis at the border, and 74% agreed with him on his handling of troops in the Middle East.

Like CNN, in its summary of its finding, CBS made sure to quickly point out that "as is often the case in State of the Union addresses, the people who watched tonight's speech leaned more towards the president's own party, at least compared to Americans overall."

About 43% of the viewers were Republicans, while 24% were Democrats and 30% were independents.

CBS also stressed that "just a third said what they heard in the speech made them think Mr. Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will work together more going forward. Sixty-three percent said there wouldn't be much change."

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